Saturday, April 21, 2007

Exclusive first pics of Neil Peart's new Snakes & Arrows drumkit!
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UPDATE - 10/1@2:31PM: Since everybody's seen these things up close and personal now, I thought I'd throw the pics back up.

UPDATE - 4/23@2:25PM: At the request of DW Drums I am taking down the drumkit photos. They admit to giving permission to photograph the drums, but did so without realizing they might be published to the masses. I'm not going to argue with them as they were very courteous about it. So hopefully you got to take a look at them before they were taken down. And if you didn't, they are absolutely beautiful. They are red with black trim and have the Snakes & Arrows snake encircling the arrow logo in gold on the sides.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Reader Michael Yarberry and a friend were touring DW drums yesterday and unbelievable as it may seem, they turned the corner to see Neil Peart's new Snakes & Arrows drumkit being made as well as being boxed and shipped! Not only that, he was given permission to photograph the pics and I have made them available here for your viewing pleasure in all their high-res glory. Michael is a drummer of 33 years and also supplied some informative captions for the pics.

In Neil's last News update on his website he included a teaser pic (see here) of the kit all packed up and had this to say about it:

... It incorporates several technical innovations developed by John Good since he designed the tobacco sunburst recording kit I used on Snakes and Arrows (formerly the "West Coast" kit, originally built for Matt Scannell's sessions early last summer). Many people have described those drums as the "best they've ever heard," but the new ones are going to be even better.

So far it's just a stack of bare shells, as you can see, but even they sound amazing when John strikes them in his special "timbre-matching" way.

As for the finish and hardware, that's going to be a surprise. I'll only say, "Black is the new gold," and "Red is the new black." ...

Many, many thanks to Michael Yarberry for taking these beutiful photographs and to DW Drums for letting him do it!

* All photos were taken with permission by Michael Yarberry on a DW factory tour on April, 20 2007. © 2007 Michael Yarberry



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#57 - Posted 4/27/07 @5:56PM by skl183

That arrow is the worst logo since Counterparts screw.

It should be the archer's arrow and not the directional one.

And where are the Snakes?

Not taking anything away from the rest of the set. It looks great. Hope we can hear some rare gems on this tour like Jacob's Ladder but holding my breathe would mean possible suffocation, asphyxiation, or similar demise.
#56 - Posted 4/23/07 @8:40PM by Passion and Profession

hi all,

can anyoen send me copies of the pics, to show my friend, not to post, I won't be emailing them either, I will be showing them on my computer, to my email, thanks!

#55 - Posted 4/22/07 @8:35PM by Priest_ofSyrinx [contact]

Major Fu___n spoiler for me!!
#54 - Posted 4/22/07 @2:45PM by tygr [contact]

WUNDERBAR! Thanks to everyone who brought those images to us!!
#53 - Posted 4/22/07 @1:54PM by D-Slam

Beautiful kit. It almost seems "Asian".

But we shouldn't be looking at these pictures. I'm sure Neil doesn't want us seeing the kit until the official promotional pictures are released! Where is our shame???
#52 - Posted 4/22/07 @1:51PM by unktehila [contact]

#51 - Posted 4/22/07 @11:18AM by spitneye [contact]

I mean FEEL
#50 - Posted 4/22/07 @11:16AM by spitneye [contact]

It sure would be COOL to be behind a kit like that. Just to see how it would fell.
#49 - Posted 4/22/07 @8:43AM by Malnar [contact]

All systems check, T minus nine
As the sun and the drama start to mount..
#48 - Posted 4/22/07 @7:48AM by Disciple of Lerxst [contact]

#39 I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!!

#47 You better prepare to get the biggest, nastiest, meanest rash os $#!T you could ever imagine for your negative comment about something RUSH related on this site...We have all learned you're only allowed to BIG, :) HAPPY, positive opinions here.


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