Rush reference on last night's Conan O'Brien

Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7:50AM

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#6 - Posted 3/7/13 @8:52AM by Armeee [contact]

It's spelled GRETZKY.
That's just as bad as mis-spelling Getty Lee.

Sacred cow stuff to us Canadians!
#5 - Posted 3/6/13 @11:00AM by roguesavant [contact]

It appears that those "outed Rush fans" are Geddycorns!
#4 - Posted 3/6/13 @9:44AM by tjameswhite [contact]

"If elected Pope his first act would be to grant sainthood ..." except that Geddy is of Jewish descent.
#3 - Posted 3/6/13 @8:28AM by drmike [contact]

Conan then revisited the Rush joke. The Rush section clapped to a new joke so he said " that did well with the Rush fans".
#2 - Posted 3/6/13 @8:22AM by mark one [contact]

LANCE getting tired of finishing 2nd to you , ive got to start getting up early
#1 - Posted 3/6/13 @8:07AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

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