New Rush Backstage Club contest: win a signed tourbook

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 4:56PM

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#23 - Posted 3/6/13 @5:39PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Still have my copy from Joe Louis Arena, Spring 88' (no autographs)
I think I paid $9 on the way out Cant remember the "on the way in" price...
#22 - Posted 3/6/13 @9:11AM by simmons2112 [contact]

HYF was when I got back into RUSH after Signals. I was a teenager and went and saw them at UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans. We had general admin floor tickets and at that time there were no floor seats.....just standing.

There was no one on the floor so we were right in front of the guys and it was awesome. RUSH came back to NOLA for the Presto tour so I told a friend that we had to get floor GA tix again cause we will be right in front of them.

When we got to the show, there had to be 5000 people on the floor and we were scared for our lives with a rowdy Mardi Gras crowd.

Anywho, I love the song Turn the Page, listened to it last night while doing the dishes in fact. It doesn't get enough love from that album. I hope it'll get the treatment that Middletown Dreams is getting now on some distant tour.
#21 - Posted 3/6/13 @7:20AM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

#18 daaaang, you've been busy rushin....I morphed into a rush freak around 1979, perm waves and moving pics.
#20 - Posted 3/6/13 @6:53AM by holeinone53575

#18 congratulations on #46. I think I am over 30 shows and counting since 1981. Hats off to the folks over 100 shows.
#19 - Posted 3/6/13 @6:50AM by holeinone53575

Would rather win some meet and greet passes for Milwaukee. I have not seen anything on this. Does anyone know if they will still be doing the meet and greets.
#18 - Posted 3/6/13 @5:28AM by deslock [contact]

Correction: Mohegan Sun is #45, Saratoga is #46 :D
#17 - Posted 3/6/13 @5:25AM by deslock [contact]

HYF was the first album they wrote that wasn't mostly based on soundcheck jams... they delved into jazz fusion, trying to expand themselves as composers. Too many lead synths, too few lead guitars, not enough edge, not enough hook, and an overall sterile feel.

I like Force Ten and Open Secrets. Loved Lock N Key when the album came out, but I seldom listen to it now. Time Stand Still and High Water are (barely) worthwhile. The rest is meh at best (Mission and Turn the Page have some energy, but are held back by odd choices of synths and awkward vocals).

I was a kid when I saw the HYF tour (my first rock concert). Three things stood out to me:

1. Geddy's off-key nasally attempts at the high notes sounded horrible.
2. They were loud.
3. They were awesome.

June 25 in Saratoga, NY will be my 45th Rush concert.
#16 - Posted 3/6/13 @1:26AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Corection ..... Geddy Lee of Rush for Sainthood. Neil will be pissed :-)
#15 - Posted 3/6/13 @12:05AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Rush for Sainthood - according to Conan !!!!
#14 - Posted 3/5/13 @11:22PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

I have always liked HYF. Force Ten & Time Stand Still, of course, but also Mission, Second Nature, Primer Mover, Lock & Key. And I think I'm about the only person that doesn't think Tai Shan sucks. (Hint: Don't worry about whether or not it sounds like Rush. Give it a listen from a neutral standpoint. It still might not be your style of music, but I'll bet it's better if you stop worrying about it not being a real Rush song.)

But I agree with Voodoosuzyq: About the best thing for me (and many others) would be them playing Losing It.

Given that they've got a violinist on stage with them this tour (more than one, even!), anyone want to hazard plausible guesses as to why they still aren't playing it?
#13 - Posted 3/5/13 @10:11PM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

#12 Mission is a good one too but....Still hoping for Losing It to be subbed in this leg of the tour...
#12 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:46PM by kjbird [contact]

#11 - great post, and i can relate. Prime Mover is my favorite tune on the biggest (current) wish is that they would sub this song in for a song this tour. How amazing would that be - OMG i'd freak out.
#11 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:42PM by tap [contact]

As a lifelong Rush fan, I was initially disappointed when HYF first came out -- definitely lacked some oomph and I thought it was just kind of boring. Over the past few years,however, I took up running -- on my long runs I started listening to HYF on my iPod -- now I'm loving it and getting a true appreciation for this album. Its ethereal feel, melodies and thought provoking lyrics tranport me away during these runs. To those who aren't big fans of HYF, try this -- on your next long driving trip (esp. at night) if your feeling kinda mellow, crank up HYF; i bet you'll gain a new perspective on this "hidden gem"
#10 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:42PM by kjbird [contact]

Rob- i know, right?? Hahaha - i actually just made hubby go out to pick up our oldest from her karate class. I'm not driving out there anymore tonight. I'm sure the bottled water shelf is empty as we speak - hunker down sw Ohioians, there's a storm afoot!
#9 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:36PM by Rob [contact]

Kj!!!!!The white death is among us!

Run! Run! Run!

To Kroger's with everyone else!
#8 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:27PM by kjbird [contact]

#2 - yup, i hear ya. But then, anything can happen....

On another i received the black RRHOF 2013 inductees t-shirt i ordered the other day and i have to say, i am very happy with the product. It's pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, not stiff at all, perfect weight, in fact very comfortable. The image on the back is quite striking and great quality. I recognize that not all Rush fans are 'keen' to giving money to this institution, but for those that would like a piece of Rush history, it's a great buy. You will be happy with your purchase.
#7 - Posted 3/5/13 @8:26PM by jaeger [contact]

The tour supporting one of their very best records. I am in!
#6 - Posted 3/5/13 @7:50PM by lisah [contact]

Still.... It would be nice to win it!
#5 - Posted 3/5/13 @7:37PM by limelighter [contact]

i love all the studio albums the boys put out BUT if i had to pick one that was my least favourite, this would be it. it is because the album is too mellow. not enough oomph!! to it.
#4 - Posted 3/5/13 @5:50PM by Rob [contact]

Hold your fire tourbook? Huh?

These offers tend to reek of "Hey I found this HYF tourbook while cleaning off some shelves in the vault. Better have the guys sign it so we can give it away"
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