Rush and Neil Peart reference on tonight's episode of Jeopardy!

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 9:04PM

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#30 - Posted 3/4/13 @1:01PM by jaeger [contact]

Something you get from sitting too long with the drum kit...
#29 - Posted 3/4/13 @10:16AM by subdivincent [contact]

#28 - Posted 3/3/13 @7:31PM by lisah [contact]

#27, Thanks for that KJ. Always a great laugh, the boy's at their finest! 51 days til Austin. RUSH ON!!
#27 - Posted 3/3/13 @6:54PM by kjbird [contact]

link at 3:07 mark
#26 - Posted 3/3/13 @6:47PM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

#24 I can get back on, I can get back on.....spliff or no spliff :)
#25 - Posted 3/3/13 @6:35PM by The Sphere [contact]

OK... from the man himself... like the time machine closing video, he ought to know. At 1:35 in this link Eddie Trunk "Hangin' With Neil Peart" Interview 2006 (full episode).

#24 - Posted 3/3/13 @4:43PM by jaeger [contact]

Or was that a spliff in the sky...
#23 - Posted 3/3/13 @3:57PM by Liverpool 78

How does Neil pronounce the name that he's been going by for over sixty years? How does his father pronounce it?

The 'English' pronunciation is Pee-art


#22 - Posted 3/3/13 @2:18PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#16-"One day I fly through a CRACK in the sky" pretty much sums it up......;)
#21 - Posted 3/3/13 @1:17PM by jaeger [contact]

Yawn Yet just crossed my mind...
#20 - Posted 3/3/13 @1:16PM by jaeger [contact]

Neil "Pert" is right up there with "Ann" Rand. I can understand if people think is sounds a little too precious to pronounce these names correctly after years of hearing it wrong. It is a bit like pronouncing Iraq and Iran properly after hearing news reports about "I rack" and "I ran".
#19 - Posted 3/3/13 @1:08PM by random_sample [contact]

I have a little "confession" to make. I consider myself a pretty big fan of Rush...and I've known the correct way to pronounce Peart for a long time, but I still pronounce it like "Pert". Don't ask me why. I just do. I think maybe it's because for the first few years, after I got into Rush (around 1984-1986) I just got used to hearing it as "Pert" and pronouncing it that way and I just stuck with it.
So, needless to say , it doesn't really get me upset when I hear others pronounce it "wrong". At the same time, it does impress me when I hear someone in the media pronounce it "Peert". I think Letterman did, when Neil was on his show.
#18 - Posted 3/3/13 @8:43AM by jaeger [contact]

Love it. "Pee-irrt" (especially nice in German, btw) strikes me as the best "foreign-language pronunciation guide" writing. :)
#17 - Posted 3/3/13 @7:33AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

some say bftb has a legit. mental condition, I say he is a phoney.He's just trying to seem weird and mysterious but I think he needs to quit wasting time and space in this blog. Whatever. I just read a review in the Toronto Sun of our girl Joan Jett playing at Casino Rama. Almost sold out ,from what I could see tickets are about $40 and up. One venue she's playing soon says the tickets are $65 to $415 but here's the kicker....she plays for 1 hour and ten minutes.15 songs then a 3 song encore!(there may have been a warm-up band also).This just makes me appreciate the show Rush puts on even more.So for those who are whining about the ticket prices of a Rush show and that they don't really play a 3 hour show it's actually ONLY 2:50 mins. pull your head out of your arse!
#16 - Posted 3/3/13 @12:25AM by palidrummer11 [contact]

boltfromtheblue, wtf are you talking about? lol
#15 - Posted 3/2/13 @10:14PM by digitalfries [contact]

Sadly enough he says it "pert" not "peert".
#14 - Posted 3/2/13 @10:01PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

and they probably love it

#13 - Posted 3/2/13 @9:31PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

i told you i was compelled!

ever had a raptor yet rapture dream

and then you get caught up

by-the talons

and just been, comma, no man, and me neither bro.

#12 - Posted 3/2/13 @3:43PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

Who is Miles Summer for $600, Alex?

Woke up in the clouds again link my professor's warning unheeded.

but howe could you explain ? this doofus dingus tour stops?

fly by night me away from jazzfest weekend 1?


so RUSH will be the re-opening band at the Saenger Theatre then.

I'm so confident I'm sane!
#11 - Posted 3/2/13 @3:24PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]


What is DaNA Scully Mulder for a thousand Alex?

Who is the calagarian candidate, Geddy?

What is the flight of a bumble bee worth for re=phrasing it in the form of a quetion, eastern bunny?

It ended Buddy, who no sorry, with his contemporary REAL TIME buddy Gene Krupa.

oooh, that's gonna hurt.

let's steve how much you wagered...
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