Rush to release an iBook companion to 2112 Deluxe Edition

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 5:44PM

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#26 - Posted 12/14/12 @8:59PM by Liverpool 78

Hey America

When are you going to stop misinterpreting the right to bear arms and get rid of your guns?

All those innocent little children.

Too too too many shootings.

A sad day for the world.

#25 - Posted 12/14/12 @3:55PM by mstmompj [contact]

#22, 24

Yes, he cited it as being in 2004, during R30.
#24 - Posted 12/14/12 @12:43PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#22- No, he referred to Carrie as being Neil's wife, and if memory serves me correctly it may have been during the S&A Tour or R30...not sure.
#23 - Posted 12/14/12 @11:54AM by kjbird [contact]

What would have been cool, since today is Rush Day on VH1 Classic, is if they played other DVD's other than the 3 that will be on continual feed. I'm assuming it's because they've only released those under contract with them? But for someone's first exposure (possibly) to see Rush in Rio, Exit Stage Left, R30, Snakes & Arrows, etc. I'd be blown away. Even if it was a limited contract "just for today".
#22 - Posted 12/14/12 @11:47AM by Fish Eyelands [contact]

Are you sure Peter Brocklehurst weren't referring to when Neil was actually living in England in the early '70s? If he was a cokehead then, that makes sense, being young and naive. I can't picture that description of Neil nowadays... But who knows?
#21 - Posted 12/14/12 @10:56AM by hazlnut [contact]

Gene Simmons taught them well.
#20 - Posted 12/14/12 @10:50AM by mstmompj [contact]

#13 - Thanks for sharing that review of Criss's book. It provides quite an instructive contrast.

#18 - Yes, evidently the "Legends of Brocklehurst" blog was edited by its author to remove that particular "legend" after he realized it had become somewhat controversial. He visited a thread at The Rush Forum to comment on the matter. That said, the occasion in question wasn't exactly depicted as a regular/ongoing thing though certainly the author (who supplied the coke) imagined it would be welcome, so that says something. Not sure what. After all, there are many things that one doesn't do regularly that one does on special occasion (for old times' sake for instance).

For me, it was a little unsettling to read the unedited blog (I am not a user of mind-altering substances legal or illegal) but I reflect that for someone of a libertarian bent like Neil, a "status offense" like occasionally using an illegal drug in the safety of one's own home or hotel room is not likely to be considered any kind of moral or ethical breach. (As opposed to getting loaded and hitting the stage or the road, or using around one's children for instance.) FWIW . . . which ain't much. :-)
#19 - Posted 12/14/12 @4:37AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

No one made a comment about the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert from Madison Square Gardens this site why?

In the U.K. the show was not on live T.V. but last night 24 hours after the event the first 2 hours was broadcast on Sky T.V. only to the end of Eric Clapton performance then they cancelled the rest of the show to show a 3 hour opera from Germany!

On the same Sky Arts T.V. show today they will broadcast Rush live from Rotterdam.

Old Prog Rock Fan.
London England.
#18 - Posted 12/14/12 @3:23AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

It was back in late Nov. and the guys name is Peter Brocklehurst. He does this thing called The Legends of Brocklehurst. When it was first posted he did go into some detail about the huge amounts of coke that him and Neil were snorting, but now I can't find that part, so I don't know whether those parts were removed or if I just can't find it right now.Go back in the archives and snoop around, you'll find it.
#17 - Posted 12/14/12 @3:04AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Hi Jackson- ya a while back during your self imposed riab hiatus(not wanting to see the setlist spoilers before your show) there was an article by this so-called "old buddy" of Neil's from England who claims that Neil is a huge coke head. I'll go back and see if I can find it.
#16 - Posted 12/14/12 @12:50AM by Geddimus Prime

Neil a coke fiend? Never. Granted, maybe he's an Obama guy but he's not that stupid.
#15 - Posted 12/13/12 @9:30PM by CraigJ [contact]

#14 - maybe he's referring to this? link
#14 - Posted 12/13/12 @8:24PM by palidrummer11 [contact]


What do you mean Neil's a huge coke-head? I'm assuming you were joking to some extent, but if there were ever any rumors or stories about that, I guess I missed them. Can you fill me in??

#13 - Posted 12/13/12 @8:19PM by Jennifer

#8: I think a lot of it is just due to all of their contemporaries aging and succumbing to the "gotta write my memoirs" urge that seems to hit celebrities at around ages 60-75. For instance, the "bag" story was just one anecdote from Peter Criss's autobiography, and from the A.V. Club's review of it today, it seems like Rush was actually the subject of one of the more flattering and affectionate stories in the book. Yikes.

#12 - Posted 12/13/12 @8:10PM by kjbird [contact]

Nah, just remnants of a buried thread. How are you Liver? What do you think of all this racket? I think i know based on your comment. Toughen up that gilded cage, I'd say. I think they'll stay pretty grounded, with it being almost 40 years and keeping what's important and relevant to them in the forefront. Thoughts?
#11 - Posted 12/13/12 @8:01PM by Liverpool 78



What was what???

#10 - Posted 12/13/12 @7:55PM by kjbird [contact]

Holy troglobite batman, what was that?!
#9 - Posted 12/13/12 @7:39PM by Liverpool 78

Perhaps if people hadn't been quite so demanding and vocal about wanting Rush inducted into the HallofFame thing, or demanding about Rush getting the recognition they deserved then none of what you're writing about would have happened.

It's a double edged sword for everyone.

#8 - Posted 12/13/12 @6:35PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Wow 3 posts in such a short span!!?? I hope these are pertinent enough for everyone. Notice how there's more "dirt" being written or coming out of the woodwork about the boys. Neil's a huge coke-head, the "BAG" story etc. I just think that it's a testament to how much exposure or over-exposure the boys are getting. When you're popular, scumbags like to dig up the dirt on you, or even make shit up to get a "story". Dirty laundry so to speak. I don't believe most of it and take it with a grain of salt.
#7 - Posted 12/13/12 @6:25PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#5- You're right. Full money grab, but when you think about it, when people are getting ready to retire they want to cash in as much as they can before they're done. These guys are riding a HUGE exposure wave right now and Rush's management team is really thinking about the $$$$$. Good or bad, Right or wrong?? What would any one of us do in this situation?
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