Alex Lifeson guitar tech Scott Appleton video tour of Alex's rig

Posted on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 9:31PM

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#29 - Posted 12/11/12 @7:50AM by Rob1855 [contact]

Today is the day for the HOF announcements.... 11am pacific.
#28 - Posted 12/11/12 @2:38AM by Liverpool 78

I have a Mesa Boogie Mk IV combo. Equally awaesome.

#27 - Posted 12/10/12 @7:09PM by G-Man [contact]

What an awesome amp!

I've been gigging mine for a year.
#26 - Posted 12/10/12 @3:24PM by kharmon [contact]


I still have NOT received any VIP Merchandise and I attended the 10/28 show in Cleveland.

...random sample hold the one you need...
#25 - Posted 12/10/12 @1:04PM by Liverpool 78

#24 - That's how it was in the days prior to Moving Pictures, particularly over here in the UK when there weren't all that many large venues at that time.

Seeing them in 1978 at the Liverpool Empire, built in Victorian times - chandeliers, ornate plaster work, plush velvet and gold paint, and an intimate small crowd all emmersed in a fragrant cloud was just the absolute best.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

#24 - Posted 12/10/12 @12:08PM by Micky [contact]

My dream is not to, say, seeing Rush in the Hall of Fame but...playing live, say LIVE, in a indoor small theater with just the basic of the equipmeht. Direct sound, the 3 of them and that's it !
That would be magnificent and highlight their great musicianship !
Yep, I know, just a dream...:-)...
#23 - Posted 12/10/12 @12:04PM by Micky [contact]

Liver, give us a break please.
Take it easy mate...
#22 - Posted 12/10/12 @9:40AM by nsany [contact]

The Lerxst heads look like Marshall jubilee 2555's. I had one eons ago, add that to the list of gear I wish I never sold...
#21 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:50PM by Liverpool 78

Ed!! It's a first!! a deleted comment!!! but I would point out that I was only responding to a previously posted comment.

My Birhtday is complete :-)

#20 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:35PM by Liverpool 78

Comment Deleted
#19 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:21PM by Liverpool 78

I think they all need to get over themselves and think about what this blog site is about. It's about a band called Rush - RUSHISABAND; not about people trying to big themselves up.

If you don't concur well,... have a nice day ;-))))

#18 - Posted 12/9/12 @6:01PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Comment Deleted
#17 - Posted 12/9/12 @5:31PM by Liverpool 78

Oh come on! whaddaya think?!

#16 - Posted 12/9/12 @5:14PM by Liverpool 78

Whilst Broon was still at the helm their sound was still grounded in reality but from Signals onwards their producers encouraged them to not let the limitations of only having two arms and two feet stand in the way of sounding like a philharmonic orchestra.

Think about Witchhunt; they were unable to play this live for a few tours until technology and the ability to use one finger or a foot to play a whole sequence of keybord emulated sounds caught up with them.

And I think it sounds great.

#15 - Posted 12/9/12 @4:02PM by Liverpool 78

That's exactly the point.

Whilst Alex might say "we've stripped it right back" what he really means is, "we've stripped it right back to as many sampled sounds as we can hit with our feet, hands, sticks - I'VE EVEN SEEN ALEX USE HIS NOSE ON A KEYBOARD FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!

The last ringing chord of almost every song they play [think about Freewill] is triggered by Neil.

I think it's okay by the way.

Stop kidding yourselves.

#14 - Posted 12/9/12 @3:55PM by Denny Crane [contact]

#13 - Mmmmmm, I'll stick with my comments. If I hear music at a live concert, I prefer it be from a real live person. Not a taped recording. Understand your comments nonetheless.
#13 - Posted 12/9/12 @3:40PM by Liverpool 78

Comment Deleted
#12 - Posted 12/9/12 @2:07PM by Rob1855 [contact]

#7 - yeah, that nagged at me too. The bass intro on HLF was almost a joke at the Atlanta show.

Just for the record, as I understand Scott, they haven't replaced ALL the acoustic parts with samples. They simply used the Tone Match feature of the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II. You can read the manual for that here:


Basically, you take a tape of what your pre-recorded part sounds like, IE the isolated piezeo guitar track on the master tape. Then you play along to that, and show the gizmo what your signal sounds like. The Axe-FX II then converts what you play to sound like the pre-recorded part, effects wise. It's basically a tone-sampler.

They're running a holiday sale. It's marked down to $2200, which isn't all that bad, considering.
#11 - Posted 12/9/12 @1:26PM by ClassicB [contact]

#7, I was excited to hear Geddy actually using the Moog Taurus pedals quite a bit on the CA album. I was hoping that we may actually see the real thing live onstage. Nope. Not only were they NOT on stage, Whenever the Taurus parts came up, Geddy would trigger the Taurus parts and then walk around while they were playing on their own. Ugh!
#10 - Posted 12/9/12 @11:26AM by jaeger [contact]

The dude seems pretty sharp and confident for someone who Alex has to yell to so often. Maybe they took on too much tech this time around and the Law of Murphy has been engaged...
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