Classic Rock's Best of the Year issue featuring Rush on the cover

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 1:03PM

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#54 - Posted 12/8/12 @3:27PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

cpr...Now yer explaining to everybody that knows how to read that Kj's comments are designed just to elicit attention ? Do you tell every stranger what their "really thinking" when they post a reply to an ongoing conversation? Maybe you should go pitch the idea of "The New World Man With Sixth Sense" to a TV exec' because we obviously need someone like you to tell us the real meaning behind everything we say, and what were "really" thinking when we say it.

I dont know if I really meant that...
#53 - Posted 12/7/12 @7:15PM by smiley [contact]

Eloquent, passionate, loving, and respectful comments all around. Today's Tom Sawyer
#52 - Posted 12/7/12 @3:39PM by cpb [contact]

Right, I'll actually bother.

The flirting I mentioned goes both ways. I don't care about what gender anyone is on the RIAB site because it's irrelevant. I think it's a non-issue, as I see loads of Rush ladies at shows, and my wife was a fan before we met. But I've been around RIAB for years, and I've seen guys throw themselves verbally at petielee, Kelly D, and some of the other original Rush ladies when they did NOT go out of their way to encourage it, so yes, kjbird, when someone makes comments that are designed to elicit attention, I will say so. So you know a lot about Rush, do ya? Great. That's good to know, Lisa H. So let's talk about them. I'm in no way implying you're being band groupies - that's an accusation you made up. And I certainly don't think this should be a boy's club, so nice try on that one.

What I am saying is that if the women here can share their appreciation while holding themselves to a level of dignity approximating regular contributors, including Donna Halper, this site will be great. Similarly, I wish the men on this site would hold themselves to a similar standard, like the one Ed sets himself. Lots of the regular guys on here are totally respectful, simply because WE DON'T CARE ABOUT GENDER. That's as it should be.

I probably won't read your response to this for a couple of days. That's not out of lack of backbone - that's because I don't check the comments too often anymore because there often is a lot of in-fighting, vitriol (especially in politics) and disrespect for opposing viewpoints. I'd be glad to discuss with anyone the merits of a setlist, how awesome Ged's bass breaks are during "Where's My Thing?", or what era is The Best Ever In The History Of Rush. And even if I'm a smartass about it, I'll always respect the other person's position. Jupe and I didn't have the greatest start (which was my fault), but I now respect him as one of the best contributors here. It's not about longevity - BUT I also don't assume that every new person who comes in and posts forty times per thread is great, either.
#51 - Posted 12/7/12 @2:16PM by Pips Chick [contact]

I am, have been since 1980! My friends and family know they're my obsession and put up with me but I'm thankful to have a husband and son who love them also. A Friday night, a couple of beers, Rush on the stereo...thank god we live out in the country and don't need to "keep it down".
There are other ladies who love them also, I've actually turned my sister onto them and she HATED Geddy's voice. When we went to see them in Philly, it was the first time I ever saw a line for the men's room, while the ladies room was empty! We're out there, we're just in the minority.
#50 - Posted 12/7/12 @12:35PM by anotherrushfan [contact]

Am I the only bloke who doesn't actually know any Rush chicks? :(

My ex-wife was of the "Oh my God can't you listen to that crap in the basement" type of person. But she had no problems with playing Celine Dion at rocket-launch volume. Bizarrely, we divorced...

So when I read Rush chicks on here and see them at the shows I couldn't be happier. Post away, Rush chicks and ignore the idiots! :)
#49 - Posted 12/7/12 @12:20PM by lisah [contact]

To ALL those on this thread, and some others, the comments made toward KJ, & other "rush chicks", is crap. I don't know why you feel the need to insult female fans. If it is just in fun, then reword it so it doesn't come off as such. In case you're wondering, KJ, knows more about this band than most people that belong to RIAB. That includes me also. Her comments are her expression of love for this band. She is happily married, has great kids, and spends most of her time making sure they come first in her life. Do not misconstrue comments, it is vulgar and demeaning. I guess, that when women try to share the enthusiasm for Rush it gets twisted into "chicks trying to get attention & acting like groupee sluts." Liver. made some condescending comments about other Rush fans not responding to him unless he said that Rush sucked. I myself, have responded to some of his comments a couple months ago. He never even acknowledged me. I did not get all pissed about it, I just went on with my life. This type of harrassment makes other peopl turn away from this site. If you don't want "rush chicks" to be on RIAB, then have the balls to say so. We would gladly set-up our own website. Then you wouldn't be threatened by us. I enjoy blogging about the best band on the planet, but I don't have to do it here. I don't want to leave this site, but, at least have the common courtesy to let it be known. Thanks Ed. I AM DONE!
#48 - Posted 12/7/12 @11:11AM by anotherrushfan [contact]

Couple, or three, points -

Most rock fans get carried away with guitarists who set their pants on fire and are otherwise much style without substance. Al's thoughtfulness and intricacies as a musician are lost on these people.

Alex also doesn't have the advantage of standing out by default simply because his other band members are little more than garage-band standard players (hello EVH, Slash et al..). Simply to play with Ged and Neil you have to be at the top of your game. They would tolerate no less.

Thirdly - listen to My Favourite Headache and tell me Al wouldn't have improved that by 500%. As Ged would have on Victor, of course. In other words together they are more than the sum of their parts.

Boy, and we haven't even mentioned Neil. What a band! I doubt we will ever see their like again.
#47 - Posted 12/7/12 @10:50AM by chutch15 [contact]

WTF are Rival Sons? They don't belong in that list. As much as I like Led Zeppelin, how can they be band of the year when they haven't done anything since 2007? A CD/DVD release doesn't cut it. And the Stones? They just stink anymore. Yeah, they're on a 50th Anniversary tour, but to get accolades you need to be good. BCC is a good band, but they haven't had the year that Rush has. Not even close.
#46 - Posted 12/7/12 @9:39AM by Jodeo [contact]

I got a kick out of the contrasts on the cover:

Led Zep: "Reunion? Never say never."
Rush: "Retirement? We talk about it."

Too bad they didn't have...
Rolling Stones: "Dead? Yes, we probably all are, but why let that stop us?"

Here's the Zep version of the cover:

Would love for Zep to collaborate on new material. Or at least perform Peaceable Kingdom live.
#45 - Posted 12/7/12 @9:21AM by limelighter [contact]

9 out of 10 rush fans, casual or not, would say that alex is the weakest member of the band. although all 3 members are the best on their specific instruments, to me, this is unfair to alex because there are a lot of guitarists that are better than him still living today. there are many different styles of guitar playing and alex should be in a category just on his own because he is that damn good. if someone were to say that geddy or neil is the weakest member of the band, you'll just get laughed at.
#44 - Posted 12/7/12 @8:41AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#23- Even though you put a smiley face at the end of your comment making it seem like you're joking, I still think you crossed the line there guy.Just an un-called for post in my opinion.
#43 - Posted 12/7/12 @4:33AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

Good Morning Rush People around the World and people in caves (Hi Liver).
I have just spent over 1 hour looking for the Classic Rock magazine with Rush on the cover.
After 10 Magazine shops in the City of London I picked one up at good old W.H. Smith in Holborn they still have one copy left by the way.
The magazine comes with a 2013 wall calendar and a cd with tracks by Skynyrd, Joe Bonamassa and Heart along with 12 other tracks.
All the other shops have The Rolling Stones or Zeppelin (look for them at the 12.12.12 concert next week) covers only.

Old prog rock fan.
London England.
#42 - Posted 12/7/12 @12:54AM by lifeson70 [contact]

@ number 2
A friend of mine once said about Rush
"Imagine being in a band where Alex Lifeson is the weakest member."
#41 - Posted 12/7/12 @12:35AM by smiley [contact]

my apologies for the comments, won't happen again
#40 - Posted 12/7/12 @12:31AM by smiley [contact]

Just being friendly here, nothing more, sorry for any misunderstandings. Not too many ladies that are Rush fans, not looking for trouble here. That's all. Won't happen again.
#39 - Posted 12/6/12 @11:31PM by kjbird [contact]

Ed, my apologies in advance....

All i'm hearing is crickets - typical. I call you, #33, on a hurled accusation, and you don't have the backbone to own up to your own words. It's always fascinating when it's biologically impossible for me to have bigger balls than the other gender, but in this case it appears to be a fact. How about smiley, here - clearly he's using the site as a hook-up station, any comments for him??

And Liver, go back into your little cave of solitude with your "friends" across the pond, denying the reality that there are other Rush fans that are just as passionate, have been around just as long as you have, and DO get it. I do not go gentle into that good night ....i tend to go out with a bang. Discuss that among yourselves, because i sure as hell won't be.

Jackson, appreciate your post. Don't let jerks like these rain on your excitement and passion. Rush on!
#38 - Posted 12/6/12 @10:22PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

RIAB is a RUSH website...
#37 - Posted 12/6/12 @9:57PM by smiley [contact]

Any single Rush girls near Houston? Like they say, Today's dreams are tomorrow's realities. Females who really Love this music do animate, do dance, sing, all of it. I admit feeling strange when around those fans who don't get into as much and try not to distract their experience, it's like driving with the brakes full on. The stringers are beautiful too. Lovers gonna love. Thanks for the rushmusic
#36 - Posted 12/6/12 @9:43PM by smiley [contact]

Really enjoy everyone's comments, you show your insights in absolutely extraordinary ways. The music is so highly artful and unusual, fun and expressive. Congratulations to everyone involved and interested. Peace on you all! Erol
#35 - Posted 12/6/12 @9:19PM by kjbird [contact]

Nothing uglier than a bitter, stalking Rush fan full of judgement and condescension.

#33 - i'm calling you on your comment, and if that's directed at me, own it. I don't do third party accusations very well, and if you think because i'm a female i can't handle that, you're wrong. I've enjoyed conversing with a lot of you, but apparently there are some that would like to keep their little "boys blog" to themselves and can't handle a rushchick's perspective.

I wish you all well and enjoy the rest of the tour.

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