Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to announce 2013 inductees in a press conference next Tuesday, December 11th

Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 5:56PM

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#27 - Posted 12/9/12 @11:18PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Is Rush's possible upcoming induction into the RRHOF the first step towards assuring their eventual immortality? The way that I see it, Rush's induction will finally open the door for the eventual induction of a slew of other progressive rock bands. Who will be next? Yes? The Moody Blues? Jethro Tull? King Crimson? Supertramp? Gentle Giant? Soft Machine? Camel? Caravan? Renaissance?

Will Procol Harum also be inducted? What about the art rock bands: Roxy Music, E.L.O., and Duran Duran?

Prog Archives defines Rush as being "Heavy Prog;" I wholeheartedly disagree with that analysis. I would consider Rush as being "Heavy Prog" from 1968 until 1976. When Rush's second chapter, or as I like to refer to it as their "middle period" unfolds from 1977 through 1981, their music is very much "symphonic progressive." One only needs to look at "Exit... Stage Left" to validate that argument.

From 1982 until 1996, Rush was very much an "art rock" band. Their music may have been somewhat simpler, but this was at a time when their songwriting had focused more upon the overall magnificence of each individual song within the context of each album. Certainly, their albums had portrayed overall themes and each of those songs had reflected those themes, but each song had now stood on it's own merit. From the third and fourth periods, we see far more commercial appeal amongst the general populace.

After the terrible tragedies which had occurred in Neil Peart's life and their following hiatus, Rush
had returned and had released far more eclectic works. In fact, at the present time, I would define Rush as being an eclectic progressive rock band. There are still certainly "arty" moments but there are also a multitude of styles employed.

As such, I would rate Rush's overall output in this manner. Within the context of their overall output, I would say that they have been more consistent than almost any other "progressive rock" band. IMHO, they have no less than 9 (*****) masterpieces amongst their 19 studio albums, no less than 4 masterpieces amongst their live recordings and no less than 7 great (****) albums amongst the remainder of their studio recordings, excluding compilations.

Here are my ratings:

1. Rush ***
2. Fly By Night ***
3. Caress Of Steel ****1/2
4. 2112 ****
5. All The World's A Stage ***

6. A Farewell To Kings ****1/2
7. Hemispheres *****
8. Permanent Waves *****
9. Moving Pictures *****
10. Exit... Stage Left *****

11. Signals *****
12. Grace Under Pressure ****
13. Power Windows *****
14. Hold Your Fire ****
15. A Show Of Hands ****

16. Presto *****
17. Roll The Bones *****
18. Counterparts ****
19. Test For Echo ****1/2
20. Different Stages *****

21. Vapor Trails ****
22. Rush In Rio ****
23. Feedback ****
24. R30 *****
25. Snakes & Arrows *****
26. Snakes & Arrows Live *****
27. Time Machine (Live In Cleveland) ****1/2
28. Clockwork Angels *****
#26 - Posted 12/6/12 @2:24PM by cpb [contact]

The next album IS in fact going to complete multiple stories. I have The Inside Scoop...

Cygnus X-1 Book III: Brainjail. The Greek and Mayan gods are playing gin and drinking tequila in a futuristic world from last week when an accident caused by the Hadron Supercollider sends Our Hero to their land. He plays them a righteous anthem, they communicate using wah pedals, and decide to send him back to Earth with an elder race to Make Everything Right with the help up By-Tor, who earned his MSW and counsels drug addicts and unwed mothers.
#25 - Posted 12/6/12 @12:44PM by driven2theedge [contact]

Rush AND Deep Purple should've been in years ago. Here's hoping they both get in this year. Now about Stevie Ray and Yes and..........
#24 - Posted 12/6/12 @7:33AM by snowdog20 [contact]

By-Tor turns good, just like Darth Vader, Dr. Evil, and Pinhead at the end of Hellraiser 2.
#23 - Posted 12/6/12 @1:50AM by michinman [contact]

Easy... By-Tor finds Jesus
#22 - Posted 12/6/12 @1:29AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Good catch...easy catch, but yes, the Necromancer was never labeled the devils prince. Is Willowdale the window to the overworld where Snow Dog & his disciples keep guard ?
#21 - Posted 12/6/12 @1:02AM by oddtimesarcasm [contact]

Have you ever considered the possibility that By-Tor may be, in fact, bi-polar. During his epic battle versus Snow Dog on Fly By Night, By-Tor was described as a Centurion of Evil and a Price of the Devil (or devils prince, if you prefer a belief motiff featuring muliple devils).

However, little more than a year late, on Caress of Steel, he was the hero of the day. Suddenly brandishing his high-powered blade to chop down the Necromancer. What happened to By-Tor in the time between those albums? Why the sudden 180? I think there is a story that needs to be told there... Maybe the next Rush album could contain a side-long track entitled "The Middle Age Of By-Tor"
#20 - Posted 12/6/12 @12:42AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

That was your misfortune or misunderstanding, as it may be, the Necromancer has never trekked nor swum the river Alph. You may keep this one, or if you are serious consider it a clue...for he can never again be labeled the devils prince.
#19 - Posted 12/5/12 @11:34PM by Nettie [contact]

#17 You forgot to add that we will then spend all Summer and Fall engaged in teeth gnashing at the skyrocketing price of tickets for the 2013 leg of the tour, because Rush will be famous and cool to a wider audience.
#18 - Posted 12/5/12 @11:31PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

When I had first started my website back in June, 1997, I was interested in changing other individual's views about progressive rock in general and Rush, in particular. Back in those days, the petition for Rush's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was in it's infancy. Of course, I had promoted it on my website and had signed the petition a very long time ago. So, for me at least, their possible upcoming induction is a way of seeing that idea come to it's full fruition.

Undoubtedly, my major concern right now will be to see the other progressive rock artists eventually inducted as well. I would also like to see Rush receive a Grammy lifetime achievement award and perhaps the Kennedy Center Honors. Ultimately, I would hope that their music will join the immortal canon and still be played thousands of years from now.
#17 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:43PM by kjbird [contact]

So we have 6 days to get out any pent up hostility we have toward RRHOF. Then we will have another couple of months to offer our advice on an acceptance speech. Then we will have time after LA induction in spring to comment on what was said and/or performed. Did they announce that LA date yet?
#16 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:27PM by kjbird [contact]

It's funny... Now give me a damn treat
#15 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:24PM by oddtimesarcasm [contact]

Somebody better comment on how funny my post was in the next 5 minutes or I'm disengaging the treat handle on all your cages... Starting now. Im just going to sit here tapping refresh over and over while rocking back and forth mumbling and crying a little.
#14 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:20PM by kjbird [contact]

Ghost rider is right
#13 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:18PM by oddtimesarcasm [contact]

Round and Round...
The Pellet that rolls (the bones) around
comes around...
into the rodents mouth (ED - can I say "come into the rodents mouth" without having the Priest of Censorsyrinx alter my ego and questionable comments?)

Ill tell you why...

Round and Round
Pull the handle till it tumbles down

Ill tell you why...

Okay that was my sad attempt at saying hello. I became lost in the Caverns 0f Ice while fishing for Carp in the River Alph. Sadly, the dense glacial corridors made finding a Wi-Fi connection near impossible. I briefly discovered a Signal (s) for a short while, but it turned out to be the Necromancers and he wouldnt give me the password.

A thousand years of come and gone since then and I have kind of missed you hosers.
#12 - Posted 12/5/12 @10:12PM by TC [contact]

Will Rush make sure to tell the Rock Hall that they want the late John Rutsey to be inducted with them as well?
#11 - Posted 12/5/12 @9:55PM by Ghost Rider [contact]

This is a "win-win" any way you look at it. If they are voted in, then Rush fans across the globe will have their wish come true and be vindicated at last...and then everyone will quit talking about it for good!

If they are snubbed by the voters, then Rush fans will surely once and for all give the whole process a gigantic middle finger and side with the band who has always said they truly don't give a crap about it other than for their fans...and then everyone will quit talking about it for good!

Either way, I truly believe after December 11th, this will never be a topic of discussion for Rush fans ever again.
#10 - Posted 12/5/12 @9:32PM by michinman [contact]

#6 I concur
#9 - Posted 12/5/12 @8:41PM by drmike [contact]

KJbird, yes, Rush smoked the fan voting--almost a quarter of all the votes. I do hope Rush makes it in. In a world where the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is really what it should be then Rush deserves to be in it. But if they don't get in, it doesn't matter to me. (and if they are accepted and decline--that would be hilarious!)
#8 - Posted 12/5/12 @8:40PM by jaeger [contact]

Dave Brubeck, RIP link
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