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Rush Guitar Center RockWalk induction set for November 20th
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As we'd first learned back in August, Rush will be inducted into Guitar Center's RockWalk in a ceremony to take place on November 20th in Los Angeles. Guitar Center posted a press release earlier today with more details regarding the ceremony along with some comments from Geddy Lee:

... The exclusive, invite only induction ceremony is set to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 20, at Noon at Guitar Center's Hollywood location on Sunset Boulevard. A special guest speaker will open the event by reflecting upon Rush's musical impact and welcoming the band to the stage.

"We are very pleased to have been chosen by our peers and fellow musicians for induction in Guitar Center's Rock Walk," said Rush's Geddy Lee. "It is an honor to have our names added to this illustrious list of great and highly talented musicians."

"Not only is Rush extraordinary as a band, but each member is incredibly talented in their own right," said Dave Weiderman, Chairman of Guitar Center's RockWalk. "With nearly thirty years together, this group has consistently delivered skilled musicianship, experimental-drive and stylistically diverse rock to music fans worldwide. In short - Rush is long-deserving of being honored by Guitar Center's RockWalk." ...

Rush will be in Los Angeles to play the Gibson Amphitheater on November 19th and remain in town for the ceremony the next day.



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#30 - Posted 11/18/12 @9:45PM by MAVIII [contact]

My gosh,
The "2 1 1 2" comment is making a mountain out of a spec of dust :/. I was there, and it made "Everyone" laugh and jabs were taken in good stride by the MC. Its not like I expect the MC to have been a fan for decades. It was a good time for all (at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony) and there was nothing to complain about. And Alex and Ged were soo damn gracious to sign everyones swag.
I hope I can see them at Guitar Center, I may have to spend the night to get a good spot.

About this honor by a "Huge Musical Retailer", back in the day - me and my friend used to go to Sunset Blvd. on "Guitar Row", this was the place to look at New and Used Guitars and gear, Charvel was there, Mesa Boogie, and indie stores carrying the latest gear (the 80's), when Glamm was getting huge, guys like me into Thrash and Prog were despising it, but, it was the place to go for SoCal musicians and wannabe's. This is before Guitar Center went National (and International?). This particular Guitar Center was the hub for many Bands, as well as the smaller shops around it (later moving across the street to a bigger building). I mean, I saw Motley Crue there before they had a record contract.
I dont understand why people are MAD that Rush will be with some of the greats (and some of my faves; Kansas, SRV, Zappa, Sabbath, ELP, Ann & Nancy Wilson, Jaco Pastorius, Iron Maiden, Terry Bozzio, Dimebag Darrel, Jethro Tull, Yngwie and more). EVERY Guitar Center doesnt have a Rock of Fame, its in Hollyweird for a reason, its become as iconic as the Hollywood Walk because the Industry of Recording and Labels are there (more so at that time from the 60's thru 90's).

I dont mind hearing "a" Rush song on a commercial, its not like I'm going to hear "Dreamline" for the BILLIONTH time on random McDonkey commercials with the latest Rap song :/. I dont own Rush, they do what they want, and what they create I happen to love, thats all I expect, make great music and they do.
Why have Rush fans become so angry at each other and at the band they supposedly love?
"Hand over Fist" guys already!
#29 - Posted 11/11/12 @11:10AM by lisah [contact]

These guys are entitled to do whatever they want, it is their own material. We sometimes lose sight of the fact that the music business has changed drastically from 20 or 30 years ago. If Rush didn't make aprofit, there would be no music, no tours, no nothing. I don't think I would like a world without my favorite band. That is just my opinion. These guys have devoted their lives to this Rush Machine, they deserve all the kudos they get.
#28 - Posted 11/11/12 @8:03AM by kjbird [contact] which, btw, makes Billy Corgan's mockery of 2112 and "syrinx" all the more hilarious - and makes the crowds uproar with laughter more explainable LOL.
#27 - Posted 11/10/12 @7:04PM by kjbird [contact]

#26 - you are correct sir, i stand corrected. I looked it up because i had to find out what nimnod would actually say's the nimnod link at 3:04 into the video. You can see Donna Halper's embarrassment in the background. Wow.

Watchmaker, all the best to your wife and your family!
#26 - Posted 11/10/12 @11:33AM by drmike [contact]

#20 KJ, I think Billy Corgan was quoting the Walk of FAme MC who said two-one-one-two in his intro. At least that's what my adled brain seems to remember...
#25 - Posted 11/9/12 @11:08PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

KJ, I'm going full on lurker mode for a while. Pregnant wife/BSN school is going to dominate my soul for a while. I trust the forum will be safe in your capable arms.

(throws TWO tomatoes at once!)
#24 - Posted 11/9/12 @5:24PM by kjbird [contact]

watchmaker, that's all ya got? I need more than just one - plus i need someone to help stir the pot...diceman!!
#23 - Posted 11/9/12 @5:16PM by Watchmaker9 [contact]

#21 /hurls tomato!
#22 - Posted 11/9/12 @4:19PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Why would you quote words that were never spoken ? Your writings seem to have an air of jealousy about striving to achieve the height of your talents & not reaping the benefits that you have constantly and steadily worked for, and sufficing so much of a home and family life to get there, after all he is just another person, not a monk.
#21 - Posted 11/9/12 @3:53PM by kjbird [contact]

#19 - Just my 2 cents...for me it's about musical integrity. Neil may have said something back in the 80's...over 25 years ago, regarding sponsorships, etc. I don't know, i haven't read the material/interviews, what have you to make that judgement. (i don't like "judgements" to begin with). I certainly don't hold someone to what they may have said ions ago, and if they contradict based on what makes business sense many years later, call them hypocritical? Too many variables involved; economic climate of the day, opportunities, moving pieces and people in the industry, so on. Speaking in a general sense, no personal attacks towards anyone on this blog, but i have a problem with people making judgements on others when they have not walked in that persons shoes/circumstances. I realize i'm ranting....for this reason, i think it's extremely healthy that the guys have always kept their families and their personal lives out of the "camera eye". Geddy has said it before "we're musicians...nothing noble about that"....and alas, so many have put them on this moral pedestal that quite frankly, they should not be on. They are truly gifted and wonderful musicians. We as fans have enjoyed them for so many years. In a free market, as fans we decide what shows we attend/don't attend, what albums/cd's/DVD's/books to buy or not to buy! I said my peace -let the tomatoes fly if you must, peel them first so i can at least make homemade spaghetti sauce for the weekend.

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