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Monday, September 29, 2008

VH1 Classic Rush Hashanah special airs tonight
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UPDATE - 10/1@9:55AM: They also played Far Cry from the DVD last evening. And thanks to the wonders of YouTube, here it is (thanks State of Grace):

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 9/30@2:54PM: According to several readers, they just played The Spirit of Radio from the upcoming Snakes & Arrows DVD! Cool.

UPDATE - 9/29@1:14PM: If you've never seen the Hangin' with Rush interview that they'll be airing tonight you can watch it here. It was an interview with Alex and Geddy conducted by Eddie Trunk from back in December of 2005 shortly after R30 was released.

Tonight and tomorrow VH1 Classic will be airing a special in celebration of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah dubbed Rush Hashanah. Beginning tonight at sunset and running for the next 24 hours VH1 Classic will play Rush concert videos, music videos and interviews. Here's the complete schedule:

Monday 9/29

7-10pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
10-10:30pm: Hangin' With Rush
10:30pm-1:30am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
1:30-2:30am: Rush Videos
2:30-3am: Hangin' With Rush
3-6am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio

Tuesday 9/30

6-7am: Rush Videos
7-10am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
10-11am: Rush Videos
11-11:30am: Hangin' With Rush
11:30-2:30pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
2:30-3:30pm: Rush Videos
3:30-4pm: Hangin' With Rush
4-7pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30

Here's the commercial promo that's been running on VH1 Classic:


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camp Brutus hits the campaign trail
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ABC News Vote 2008If you've read Neil Peart's book Roadshow you are no doubt familiar with his tour bus driver Dave. Dave drove the bus affectionately known as Camp Brutus that ferried Neil Peart and friends and their bikes from show to show on the last few Rush tours. Dave has a MySpace page and posted an interesting bit of news yesterday regarding this particular bus and the 2008 presidential election:

September 27, 2008 - Saturday

A real news flash

For those who are interested, starting this week 9/27/08 I will be heading to Orlando with Neil's bus, affectionately known as Camp Brutus to work with ABC NEWS! The bus will be used to cover the election traveling from the debates and appearances of the Presidential candidates. He has leased this particular bus from Hemphill Brothers Coach for two years During Snakes and Arrows 2007, plus Snakes and Arrows the Surge 2008.

There have been a lot of cosmetic changes made to Camp Brutus it has been turned into a mobile news office. Anyone wanting to see the rear state room can now see it with a desk and couch, the bunk and closet area that housed the motorcycle gear with once again, more desks. The front lounge has stayed the same. The exterior is totally different being wrapped with new colors and ABC NEWS / VOTE 2008. Watch for interviews of candidates from inside of the bus. For all of you Rush fans this is a chance to see Neil's bus minus the trailer in a whole new light.

Be sure to watch ABC NEWS starting this week and for the next two weeks for your chance to see Camp Brutus in the national spotlight. I will post the schedule where we will be in an upcoming blog.

Cool. Thanks to windycitygirl for the heads up.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Updates and other random Rush stuff
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UPDATE - 9/26@11:30AM: In what is arguably the strangest poll of all time, Rush (live act) is up against Bruce Dickinson (frontman) for the title of Greatest of Everything at the Greatest of All Time Blog. As of this posting, they are tied at 50% each. So go vote for Rush! Thanks to ashpkt for the heads up.

Only 8 more weeks to go until the release of Rush's Snakes & Arrows DVD and shortly after that we'll be getting the new Retrospective 3 greatest hits package. So it stands to be a stellar holiday season for us Rush fans. Just last week we learned all the juicy details about the DVD and are now waiting for some more information regarding the greatest hits package. At this point all we know is that it's due out December 9th, will cover the Atlantic era, will have a CD+DVD version available (possibly with Atlantic-era videos?), and it's rumored to contain some unreleased live tracks.

In addition to the DVD and Retrospective 3 news, we have Rush Hashanah to look forward to this coming Monday and Tuesday. VH1 Classic will be airing 24 hours of Rush in celebration of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah starting Monday at 7PM EST. Here's the complete schedule:

Monday 9/29

7-10pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
10-10:30pm: Hangin' With Rush
10:30pm-1:30am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
1:30-2:30am: Rush Videos
2:30-3am: Hangin' With Rush
3-6am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio

Tuesday 9/30

6-7am: Rush Videos
7-10am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
10-11am: Rush Videos
11-11:30am: Hangin' With Rush
11:30-2:30pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
2:30-3:30pm: Rush Videos
3:30-4pm: Hangin' With Rush
4-7pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30

And here's the commercial promo that's been running on VH1 Classic (thanks Sean):

The list of nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2009 were announced last week. To no one's surprise Rush was excluded from this list for the 10th year in a row. Like most rock fans, Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune isn't happy with this year's list. He mentions Rush in this article titled Metallica? OK, but we still don't like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After a long delay, last week Harmonix Music Systems finally released Rush's Moving Pictures album for download for the Rock Band video game.

Samantha Dyar made us all shed a tear or two with her uplifting story of how Rush helped make her wish come true this summer. Samantha was diagnosed with cancer back in August of 2007. She was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked how they could help to make her wish come true. Being an avid Rush fan she decided that meeting the band would be her wish. This marked the first time Rush had ever been approached for a Make-A-Wish request. If you haven't read Samantha's amazing story yet be sure to check out this post. And be sure to have a tissue handy. :)

2009 Rush Wall CalendarThe 2009 Rush wall calendar is now available for purchases at the Rush Backstage Club for $12.99. It's also available at Amazon and other online vendors now. John over at has scanned all the images from the calendar and made them available online here. Thanks John!

Reader Ricbass4003 reports that the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a list of the top 10 highest grossing tours of the summer based on Pollstar averages. Rush came in at #7! Here's the entire top 10 list:

1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (32.1 mil)
2. Dave Matthews Band (29.5 mil)
3. The Police (28.3 mil)
4. Neil Diamond (19.2 mil)
5. Coldplay (16.7 mil)
6. Journey (15.6 mil)
7. Rush (14.2 mil)
8. American Idols Live (13.8 mil)
9. Jonas Bros. (11.1 mil)
10. Motley Crue (10.5 mil)

Rush's sound engineer Richard Chycki recently checked in at his blog about all the cool stuff he's been mixing for Rush lately including the DVD and Rock Band mixes. You can check out the blog post here. Thanks to Oscar for the heads up.

Earlier this year I'd put up a post about an independent film which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this year called Adventures of Power. The film is about air-drumming and is chock full of Rush references. It most notably includes a cameo from Neil Peart; his first speaking role in a live-action film. The movie has been making the rounds at film festivals across North America and Europe and getting rave reviews and winning many awards. It recently picked up the following film festival prizes: Grand Prize, San Antonio Film Festival; Best Feature Film, TriMedia Film Festival; and Best Comedy, Philadelphia Film Festival. Tonight the film has been selected as the Opening Night Gala film at the Sidewalk Festival in Birmingham Alabama and in two weeks the film will be screened at festivals in Memphis and Tucson. Neil Peart was treated to a screening of the film recently and emailed writer/producer/star Ari Gold with this reaction: In a word, Yeah! In two words, FUCK YEAH! Definitely see this movie if you get the chance. For details on Adventures of Power and to sign up for the mailing list you can visit its website at this location. You can also check it out on MySpace and Facebook.

And I leave with this moment of Rush-in-pop-culture history courtesy reader 1ouroboros. This is a clip from the 80s-era British comedy series The Young Ones. This episode aired Nov. 23, 1982 and was titled Boring. Check out the punk character Vivian's t-shirt.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rush makes-a-wish come true for one special fan
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Make-A-Wish FoundationSamantha is a 16-year-old Rush fan from Summerville, Georgia who was diagnosed with cancer back in August of 2007. 3 months into her treatment she was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked how they could help to make her wish come true. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. They've granted wishes to 1000s of children since their inception in 1980 and are run entirely on donations. Samantha's wish was to meet her favorite band - Rush. This marked the first time Rush had ever been approached for a Make-A-Wish request. Here is Samantha's amazing story in her own words.

Wish Granted

I looked out to where, soon, 10,000 people would be standing to hear the band that I was about to meet. It was surreal. Ever since I was four, I had dreamed of meeting them. I had wanted to meet them for most of my life. As I grew, they became some of my heroes. Then when I was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2007, my world changed. The one thing that remained consistent was my family and their music. Three months into treatment, Make-a-Wish, a nonprofit organization, came to me and told me that I had a wish. I could do anything but get a car or a swimming pool. The things that I could do were numerous. I thought about it until the day they came to get my wish. Finally making my decision, I told them that I wanted to meet Rush.

The morning of July 20th, we went to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina. We met with the head of security the band liaison, Kevin Ripa, who gave my family and I a tour of the stage, backstage and the dressing rooms. I got to meet the techs for the band: Bucky, the guitar tech, Gump, the drum tech, and Russ, the bass and keyboard tech. I even got to sit at Neil Peart's drum kit and hold Alex Lifeson's 1976 Gibson es355. After that we went to the back to wait for the bands arrival. I sat in on a security meeting and then I went back onto the stage to meet them. I first saw Geddy Lee. I was in awe. He smiled and gave me a hug. We started to talk a little when I saw a man in a white shirt and baseball cap come up. I did not notice who it was at first, thought he was just some guy, then I looked again. It was Neil Peart, one of my heroes. My emotions overcame me and I started to cry. At that point Neil gave me a hug. The last to arrive on stage was Alex Lifeson. He was a good natured person and a fun person to talk to. I told him that I listened to the song "Hope" over and over during my chemo treatments and the song meant a lot to me. That made him smile. After a little talking, the band went to their respective parts of the stage for the sound check. I went off the stage and to the rail at the front row. They played a few songs including Subdivisions, The Trees, and Ghost of a Chance. I then took a moment to take in where I was and what I was doing. I engraved everything on my mind, forgetting all else. It was like being in a perfect world filled with music. I went back on stage and Alex played the song Hope for me, which made me cry because of what it meant to me during my treatment. When the sound check was over, the band signed a few things including my copy of "Roadshow". Neil signed it "To Samantha, You can get back on! Neil Peart" I told him that my illness was like the lyrics in Farcry that go "some days I feel I'm ahead of the wheel and the next it's rolling over me". Neil also gave me the sticks he used for the sound check. Alex and Geddy gave me a bunch of picks. Geddy also gave me a "Henhouse" t-shirt. All generous gifts. I was also able to tell the band what their music has meant to me and my family, and also thank them for it. Then, the meet was over. It was an amazing 2 hours for me and my family. But the night was just beginning.

We went to the concert we had 5th row seats. During the first couple of songs, Kevin Ripa called me up on stage. After the song Ghost Of A Chance, Geddy walked up to the mic to talk to the crowd for the first time of the night. After saying hello, he mentioned that they had "a ton of material" for the crowd. He then said "but first, we would like to dedicate this next song to my friend Sam, this is from Hold Your Fire it's called Mission". Mission is one of my very favorite songs and Geddy told me while we were talking that it was his favorite song to play. For the third time that day, I cried. Watching the band play that song from on stage was overwhelming especially since they were playing it for me. The rest concert was phenomenal, and the day was one that I will never forget. My Dad and I also attended the Atlanta show 2 days later (THANKS PHILLIP!). I met many people there that were also at the Charlotte show that asked me about the song dedication. I was nice meeting everyone. I just told them that Make-A-Wish and Rush made it all possible. It was an unreal couple of days! Thank you Rush and thank you Make-A-Wish!

Make-a-Wish is an organization that grants once an a lifetime "wishes" to children with diseases like Cancer, Spina Abifida, Sickle Cell Animea, and other illnesses. It is an amazing organization. They made this such a special day for me and did everything in their power to make an awesome experience. The organization runs entirely on donations. If you would like to donate, see inspiring stories, or volunteer go to

At last I would like to give a list of my favorite Rush songs

* Resist
* Mission
* Test for Echo
* Summertime Blues
* Working Them Angels
* Totem
* Hope
* Far Cry
* Malignant Narcissism
* Second Nature
* Marathon
* Force Ten
* Everyday Glory

My favorite albums are Test for Echo and Snakes and Arrows.

Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Samantha Dyar

I'm happy to say that Sam celebrated her 6th month of remission on August 16th and is doing great! Her father John also supplied some more details about the meeting which lasted for about 2 hours including sound check. They toured the dressing rooms and all around the stage and their family were the only people there during the sound check. Sam had an all access pass for the show and Rush's tour photographer John Arrowsmith followed her and her family around, taking several pictures many of which you can check out here. They also got to spend some time with Rush's lighting director Howard Ungerleider. Except for the few songs she was on stage, Sam watched the entire show from the rail (she liked the sound better out front). Sam's first Rush concert was during the Test for Echo tour when she was only 5 and she has seen Rush live a total of 10 times. Her very first concert was the Grateful Dead at age 4. Be sure to check out all the pictures from the meeting at this location. The expressions on Sam's face really speak for how magical of an experience this was for her. Many thanks to her, her family, Rush and the Make-A-Wish Foundation for allowing me to share this with everyone.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is run entirely on donations. For information on how you can help, please visit this link.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving Pictures released for Rock Band
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After a 4-week delay, Harmonix Music Systems has finally worked out all the bugs and today released Rush's Moving Pictures album for download for the Rock Band video game. Moving Pictures is the fifth complete album to be made available for download for the game and all 7 tracks are the original recordings. Moving Pictures joins the five other Rush tracks in the Rock Band catalog including the recently released master track vault edition of Working Man and cover versions of Closer To The Heart, Tom Sawyer, Limelight and Working Man. The full album will be available for $10.99 (880 Microsoft Points) or $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) per track individually.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Rush Snakes & Arrows DVD official press release
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We only just learned a few days ago that the release date for the upcoming Snakes & Arrows DVD would be November 18th and already it's been pushed back to November 25th. The official press release announcing the DVD just came out today and confirms the details I posted on Friday but with the new release date and a couple of corrections/clarifications to report. It looks like the extras will be included on the first disc and the Atlanta footage will have a disc all to itself. Also, it looks like the additional versions of Far Cry and The Way the Wind Blows are simply alternate cuts and not completely different versions (such as from Atlanta). Without further adieu, here's the press release in its entirety:


"Thanks to epic songs, fantastical lyrics and extravagant drum solos, [Rush] rocks on through the 21st century...the scope of [their] achievements is undeniable..." Rolling Stone

September 22, 2008 o Burlington, MA - Zoë Vision/Anthem Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of the Snakes & Arrows Live DVD on November 25 from the legendary rock trio RUSH. This 3 disc DVD set, also available as a Blu-ray Disc, follows their Zoë Vision DVD releases Rush-R30 (2005) and Rush in Rio (2003).

The Snakes & Arrows Live DVD (full track listing below) was filmed with 21 High Definition cameras in 16x9 widescreen format, over two nights in October 2007 at the Netherlands' Ahoy Rotterdam arena during the renowned rock trio's lengthy world tour. Additional SD footage was filmed in Atlanta this past July. The five month trek supporting Rush's critically acclaimed 2007 studio release, Snakes & Arrows, which includes the Grammy® Award-nominated track, "Malignant Narcissism," topped Pollstar's Top 100 2007 Tours list at #12.

While previous DVD releases showcase different sides of the band , this DVD offers fans a rare and close up look at the prodigious musicianship for which the band is renown. Cameras follow bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart, closely, capturing not only their playing, note for note, but also the intimacy they share on stage. The diverse track list includes many new songs from Snakes & Arrows as well as old favorites like "Tom Sawyer" and "Freewill" plus an explosive rendition of "Between the Wheels."" Among the hidden gems and numerous special tour moments included as extras is the fan coveted "What's That Smell" vignette and outtakes, a skit used to intro the second set, which capitalizes on the still emerging comedic talents of both Alex and Geddy who excel (and revel) in their roles as wild characters. Featuring collector's quality packaging and a choice of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound or PCM Stereo for a superior audio experience, the DVD was mixed by frequent collaborator Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Mick Jagger). Total running time is 221 minutes.

Snakes & Arrows made a triumphant debut on the Billboard 200 upon its release May 2007, entering the chart in the #3 spot. The album's popular success marked Rush's highest chart debut since 1993, as well as the group's eleventh top ten album in the U.S. Snakes & Arrows also debuted at #3 in the band's native Canada and at #13 in the UK - the band's highest British chart ranking in 16 years. In addition, the album premiered in the top ten in Sweden and Finland, and in the top twenty in Norway, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Since releasing their self-titled debut album in 1974, Rush has been universally regarded as one of the most inventive and compelling groups in rock, famed for virtuoso musicianship. Celebrated, critically acclaimed and respected worldwide, Rush is the most successful Canadian rock band of all time and they remain one of the biggest grossing arena rock bands ever. Their extraordinary body of work - which includes such acclaimed works as 1976's 2112, 1981's Moving Pictures, 1996's Test for Echo, and 2002's Vapor Trails - has achieved worldwide sales exceeding 35 million units.

Disk 1:

1. Limelight
2. Digital Man
3. Entre Nous
4. Mission
5. Freewill
6. The Main Monkey Business
7. The Larger Bowl
8. Secret Touch
9. Circumstances
10. Between the Wheels
11. Dreamline


1. What's Thats Smell (DVD Content)
2. 2007 Tour Outtakes
3. What's That Smell Outtakes
4. FarCry (Alternate cut featuring rear screen footage)
5. The Way the Wind Blows (Alternate cut featuring rear screen footage)
6. Red Sector A from the R30 Tour

Disk 2:

1. FarCry
2. Workin' Them Angels
3. Armour and Sword
4. Spindrift
5. The Way the Wind Blows
6. Subdivisions
7. Natural Science
8. Witch Hunt
9. Malignant Narcissism - De Slagwerker
10. Hope
11. Distant Early Warning
12. The Spirit of Radio
13. Tom Sawyer

14. One Little Passage
15. A Passage to Bangkok
16. YYZ

Disk 3: Oh, Atlanta - The Authorized Bootlegs

1. Ghost of a Chance
2. Red Barchette
3. The Trees
4. 2112/The Temples of Syrinx

Thanks to Snoscootr for the heads up.

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Rush passed over for the Rock Hall in 2009
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Rush and the Rock HallIt's time for the annual snubbing of Rush by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The list of nominees for induction in 2009 was just announced and once again Rush is not on the list. No surprise there. This year's list of nominees are Jeff Beck, Chic, Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Metallica, RUN DMC, the Stooges, War, and Bobby Womack. Yikes. I'm rooting for Metallica. For a great running history of Rush's now 10-year-old annual snubbing by the Rock Hall, check out this page at the Power Windows site.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Updates and other random Rush stuff
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UPDATE - 9/22@9:28AM: There's been another development on the Retrospective 3 Atlantic-era greatest hits package front. In addition to listing a CD version due out December 9th, Amazon now also has a CD-DVD version listed as well. Perhaps the DVD will contain the videos from the Atlantic era? Thanks to Chad for the heads up.

UPDATE - 9/21@6:20PM: Eddie Trunk has a poll up on his site asking readers who they think had the best summer tour. Rush is one of the options so go vote for Rush! (thanks Sean)

When it rains it pours. After several weeks of relative quiet, we were flooded with various bits of Rush news over the last few days. Wednesday we learned that the 2009 Rush wall calendar is now available for purchase at the Rush Backstage Club and that there's a petition drive in Hamilton, Ontario (Neil Peart's birthplace) to get a stretch of the new Red Hill Expressway named after Neil Peart. Thursday was the 40th anniversary of Rush's (the initial incarnation consisting of Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones, and John Rutsey) first paying gig at The Coff-In coffeehouse located in the basement of an Anglican Church in Toronto. The Drum Channel officially launched this week and the website features an introductory video from Neil Peart. The channel will be streaming live the upcoming Buddy Rich Memorial Concert on October 18th. On Friday we received confirmation of a December 9th release of a Retrospective 3 greatest hits package from Rush covering the Atlantic era. And we also got some long-awaited details regarding the Snakes & Arrows DVD; it will be released on November 18th on both DVD and Blu-ray and include footage from the Rotterdam shows and the 2008 leg's Atlanta show, and also contain a bonus DVD.

Also on Friday we learned that after a 4-week delay, Harmonix Music Systems has finally worked out all the bugs and will be releasing the Moving Pictures album for download next Tuesday, September 23rd. Here's the official announcement from the Rock Band forum:

Looks like the technicals have been taken care of. Rush's "Moving Pictures" comes out for real next week! In addition we have tracks from Bad Religion, The Cult, Hot Hot Heat, Kasabian, Sleater-Kinney, and Stone Roses!

Rush's Moving Pictures Full Album

Tom Sawyer (orig version)
Red Barchetta
Limelight (orig version)
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs

The full album will be available for $10.99 (880 Microsoft Points) or $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) per track individually. ...

Thanks to Corruption for the heads up.

Also on the Rock Band front, CBS news ran a story Thursday night on the increasing popularity of music video games and how it is affecting the music industry. Rush was mentioned along with a short bit of concert footage, kids with Rush t-shirts playing Rock Band and Geddy Lee was interviewed. Here's what he had to say:

We're sharing our music to new fans. So that's great for us. And new fans are learning more about the nature of how songs are constructed which I think is kind of a cool thing

You can watch video of the story including Geddy's interview at this link. Thanks to Andrew S for the news.

As I'd mentioned last week, VH1 Classic's Rush Hashanah special will air on Monday, September 29th and Tuesday, September 30th. Here's the complete program schedule:

Monday 9/29

7-10pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
10-10:30pm: Hangin' With Rush
10:30pm-1:30am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
1:30-2:30am: Rush Videos
2:30-3am: Hangin' With Rush
3-6am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio

Tuesday 9/30

6-7am: Rush Videos
7-10am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
10-11am: Rush Videos
11-11:30am: Hangin' With Rush
11:30-2:30pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
2:30-3:30pm: Rush Videos
3:30-4pm: Hangin' With Rush
4-7pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30

Not that it means anything, but Rush is winning that USA Today poll I'd linked to last week regarding 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame contenders. They've got 31% of the vote compared to Bon Jovi's 29%. Nobody else is even close. In last week's poll I'd asked you what you thought Rush's chances of being inducted into the Rock Hall in 2009 were. Most of you - 31% - said who cares!. 22% think they have 50/50 shot, 16% say not likely, 12% say it's very likely, 10% say it's an absolute certainty and 9% say no chance in hell. For this week's poll I thought I'd ask everyone what feature of the upcoming Snakes & Arrows DVD they are anticipating the most. Take the poll and let us know.

Michael of Neil Peart Drumsticks has made a few recent updates to his site including adding a picture of Neil's new Bubba Gump Hot Rod sticks that he'd been using in the Bubba Gump warm-up room on tour. There's speculation that he may be using these for the upcoming Buddy Rich Memorial Concert. He also added some old packaging wrappers to the sticks page, a couple more used sticks to the Peart 80s-90s section on the bio page, and some new fan photos as well.

Reader One humanoid escapee informed me that the new Nashville Symphony music director Giancarlo Guerrero is a huge Rush fan, calling them the best band in the universe in this Music City TV article, and claiming to know 55 Rush songs by heart in this article.

Last week I told you about photographer and Rush fan John Kane's opening of his Workin' Them Angels: Rush Through the Camera Eye photograph exhibit. John sent me a promo poster for the event which you can check out here. Just check out the poster or this post for all the details.

Reader Kerwin T let me know about a couple of Rush references in the recently released video game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. If you hire a Russian jet pilot, you get an achievement called The Analog Kid and if you unlock all the game's weapons, you get one called Digital Man. The game's predecessor, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction had a mission called A Farewell to Kings.

Heath T and Sean alerted me to the fact that Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade spoke about Rush on the program yesterday, remarking on how much of a fan he is and even singing a little Limelight.

And before I go I'd like to just say rest in peace Richard Wright - you will be sorely missed. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Rush Snakes & Arrows Live DVD details
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UPDATE - 9/19@5:06PM: It's been a very busy last few days so I probably won't have my weekly Updates and other random Rush stuff post up until sometime over the weekend.

Yesterday we learned that the upcoming Snake & Arrows Live DVD would be released this coming November 18th. I now have several more details about the release to report including confirmation that it will be available on Blu-ray! It will be a 3-disc package which will include 2 discs containing footage from the Rotterdam shows from the 2007 leg and a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD will contain footage from the Atlanta show on the 2008 leg (Red Barchetta, The Trees, Ghost of a Chance and 2112), alternate versions of Far Cry and The Way the Wind Blows either from the other Rotterdam show or the Atlanta show, the What's That Smell intermission video (along with outtakes and a trailer), outtakes from the 2007 tour and Red Sector A from the R30 Tour. Promos for the DVD will be running on VH1 Classic during their Rush Hashanah special this coming Monday, September 29th. This is all I know right now. More details as I learn them.

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The Drum Channel now live; will stream Buddy Rich Concert
10:25AM EST | link | comments (13) |

We'd first heard about the Drum Channel this past March in relation to the upcoming Buddy Rich Memorial Concert. It was to be the first major event streamed live on the new channel. Well, the Drum Channel is now up and running including an introductory video featuring Neil Peart (in the intro and outro). Check it out at this link. A little about the Drum Channel from the website:

DrumChannel is for everyone who loves music. Whether you want to learn, listen, or just hang out with your friends, the drumming community invites you to join us. We've combined new technologies to bring you the most exciting collaborative experience possible. Once signed up, you get your own customizable profile where you can post pictures, music, videos, news, and share them with the entire community. Cool, right? Well, that's only the beginning. What really makes DrumChannel truly unique is all the original content. We've got band concerts, talk shows, interviews, drum jams, master classes, technique classes, and much more. There will be new programs and live streaming shows every week. At DrumChannel, artists share their work with each other and you. It's your website. Tell us who you want to see and we will do our best to make it happen - chances are we know the drummer in the band.

Thanks to Agent Rush.v2 for the heads up.

Rush: Retrospective 3 greatest hits album due out in December?
9:56AM EST | link | comments (11) |

UPDATE - 9/22@9:30AM: There's been another recent development with this. In addition to listing a CD version due out December 9th, Amazon now also has a CD-DVD version listed as well. Perhaps the DVD will contain the videos from the Atlantic era? Thanks to Chad for the heads up.

UPDATE - 9/19@10:18AM: One thing I'd forgotten to mention was that it's rumored that the album would include some previously unreleased live Atlantic tracks in addition to several studio hits from the last 20 years.

About a month ago I posted the rumor that Rush would be ending their 20-year relationship with Atlantic Records with the release of a new greatest hits package due out next year. There also was speculation that the band might sign with Rounder Records but a few weeks ago Rush management told Classic Rock Magazine that this rumor was not true stating the following:

A spokesperson for Rush has contacted Classic Rock to deny web reports that the band are quitting Atlantic Records for the independent Canadian company Rounder. In fact, Rush are still contracted to Atlantic for one more album. Rounder ... will be issuing the trio's upcoming Snakes & Arrows Live DVD, but that's as far as the arrangement goes.

As I'd stated before, this really doesn't contradict anything I had previously reported. My sources tell me that this one album they refer to will be an Atlantic-era greatest hits package. And that piece of the puzzle now seems to have been indirectly confirmed by, who lists a Rush: Retrospective 3 album due out December 9th. In following the pattern of their previous 2 Retrospective greatest hits albums, we can deduce that this Retrospective 3 package will include the Atlantic-Era from 1987-2007. The previous 2 Retrospectives were released by Mercury to close out their contract with Rush, so it's likely that this Retrospective 3 package will close out the Atlantic contract. Now the question of whether Rush ends up with Rounder Records or someone else is still up in the air. But the fact that the band already has a working relationship with Rounder makes it certainly plausible that they may extend that relationship. We shall see. Thanks to Chad for the heads up.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rush Snakes & Arrows Live DVD release date update
12:30PM EST | link | comments (37) |

I've been getting a lot of questions from readers about the status of the upcoming Snakes & Arrows Live DVD. And up until now I hadn't much to report. The most recent newsletter (sent out over the last couple days) contained a teaser saying:

Please stay tuned to RUSH.COM in the coming weeks for more details on the Snakes and Arrows LIVE DVD to be released late fall 2008!

So I'm sure there'll be a lot of info trickling in over the next several weeks. But for the time being, I do have an update on the release date. When last we heard, there was a tentative working release date of November 4th but from past experience it seemed likely that this would be pushed back. That indeed seems to have been the case; now lists the DVD with a release date of November 18th although you are as of yet unable to pre-order it. Thanks to yyz_6785 for the heads up.

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40th anniversary of Rush's first paying gig
9:48AM EST | link | comments (44) |

UPDATE - 9/18@12:40PM: Eric over at Power Windows gave me another interesting tidbit regarding the setlist for this first gig. In a February, 2006 interview with Sound & Vision Magazine Alex Lifeson had this to say:

Wow. Let's see. We did Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxey Lady,' Cream's 'Spoonful' and 'Crossroads,' the Yardbirds' 'Shapes of Things,' and maybe a few others. We only knew about seven or eight songs back then.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 9/18@10:10AM: Just to clear things up, Jeff Jones is not in the photograph below. I'm not clear on exactly when/where this was taken but it shows Alex, John Rutsey and Geddy Lee sometime in late 1968. I've actually never seen a photograph of the band which includes Jeff Jones. If you have one or know of one, please let me know.

Today is a very special day in the annals of Rush history. On this day back in 1968 - 40 years ago - the initial incarnation of Rush played their first paid gig at The Coff-In coffeehouse located in the basement of an Anglican Church in Toronto. This initial lineup consisted of guitarist Alex Lifeson, singer/bassist Jeff Jones, and drummer John Rutsey. From the Rush biography Visions:

... The first band formed by Alex and John [Rutsey] in the Spring of 1968 was called The Projection. By the end of the summer that band had broken up.

In August, Jeff Jones came in as bass player and lead singer and a formal line-up of John, Alex and Jeff was formed. They spent their evenings and weekends trying to learn the hard rock songs of the day and scheming for an opportunity to play outside their basements.

The boys were soon able to work out an agreement to play in another basement, but this time they would be paid. Their salary was $25. The gig consisted of playing on Friday nights at an oddly named coffee-house located in the basement of an Anglican Church. The Coff-In served coffee, doughnuts and music to local teens for 25 cents a head.

The band was excited, but they had a big problem. While they had been dreaming of playing, they had neglected to come up with a name for their group. So a few days before the gig they sat around in John's basement trying to come up with an appropriate monicker. They weren't having much luck when John's older brother Bill piped up, "Why don't you call the band Rush" and Rush it was. ...

And Rush it still is, 40 years later. Jeff Jones was replaced by Geddy Lee the following Friday after Jeff canceled because he wanted to go to a party. After several lineup reformations, Rush's official incarnation was formed in May of 1971 consisting of Lee, Lifeson, and Rutsey. This would be their lineup on through the release of their self-titled debut album in 1974, after which John Rutsey was replaced by one Neil Elwood Peart. You know the rest. :) Happy anniversary guys!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neil Peart Way?
4:00PM EST | link | comments (24) |

As I'd mentioned in last week's Happy Birthday Neil post, Hamilton, Ontario is the birthplace of our favorite drummer Neil Elwood Peart. Apparently Hamilton rock radio station Y108 has started a petition to have a stretch of Red Hill Expressway in Hamilton renamed to Neil Peart Way. You can read all the details and sign the petition at this link. The petition reads:

Given that Neil Peart was born in Hamilton, Ontario, is recognized as one of the best drummers in the world, is a brilliant lyricist, prolific writer, philosopher and humanitarian and a beloved member of Canada's most prolific rock export, Rush; and, given the fact his hometown has yet to honour neil in any significant way-.we, the undersigned, in an effort to keep Neil Peart's living legacy "closer to the heart" in Hamilton, petition the city of Hamilton to rename a section of the new Red Hill Expressway after Neil Peart or, failing
that, renaming a city street in his honour.

Thanks to Trevor V and Rick R for the heads up.

2009 Rush wall calendar now available at Rush Backstage Club
9:54AM EST | link | comments (21) |

2009 Rush Wall CalendarA couple of months ago I'd mentioned that the 2009 Rush wall calendar had been released via NMR Distribution. The calendar is now available for purchases at the Rush Backstage Club for $12.99. Here's the calendar's product description from the website:

This is the Rush 2009 Wall Calendar. This year we are featuring all live concert shots of the band from T4E and forward. This is a 16 month calendar, so you can put this on your wall starting in September of 08! Hurry up and grab one of these because we sold out before Christmas last year.

The calendar will also be available soon from other online vendors such as Amazon. Get 'em while they're hot!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rock Band 2 featuring The Trees vault edition released today
11:38AM EST | link | comments (64) |

UPDATE - 9/15@9:48AM: Reader e2 points at that this vault edition of The Trees is actually the audio track from the live promo video Rush recorded for The Trees back in '78 - the one that ended up on the Chronicles VHS and DVD (watch it here).

The successor to Harmonix Music Systems' popular Rock Band video game is released today. Rock Band 2 will essentially work like its predecessor but with many enhancements and improved functionality. One of the featured tracks included with the game is a master track vault edition of Rush's The Trees off of their 1978 prog masterpiece Hemispheres. You can check out the complete track list at this link, and listen/watch the vault edition of The Trees at YouTube here.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Updates and other random Rush stuff
4:33PM EST | link | comments (54) |

It's been another quiet week for Rush news. Today is Neil Peart's 56th birthday. Otherwise there wasn't much to report over the last several days except for some new black-and-white photos at, an upcoming Rush-themed photo exhibit, and VH1 Classic's announcement of their Rush Hashanah special. So let's proceed directly to the random Rush tidbits.

USA Today ran an article earlier this week previewing the possible inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2009. Rush of course gets a mention and is included in their poll of possible inductees. So go vote for Rush! The list of nominees should be announced sometime later next month and the inductees chosen in November. So what do you think Rush's chances of getting in this time around are? Do you even care? Take the poll and let us know.

In my last poll I asked you which of the 3 members of Rush has aged the best. By a substantial margin you chose Geddy who got a whopping two-thirds of the vote. Coming in second was Alex with about a quarter of the vote and Neil took last place with close to 10%. I tend to agree with these results although I must note that in my opinion all three of these guys have aged well compared to most of the bands out there. They're one of the few bands to come out of the 70s that are still relevant today. Well done guys! May you have continued health and long life... and many more albums ... and tours. :)

In addition to it being Neil Peart's birthday today, Tuesday was Neil Peart and Carrie Nuttall's 8th wedding anniversary. Congrats! September was also a busy month in Rush history for album releases: A Farewell to Kings was released in 1977; Roll The Bones was released on September 3rd, 1991; Hold Your Fire on September 8th, 1987; Signals on September 9th, 1982; Test For Echo on September 10th, 1996; Caress of Steel on September 24th, 1975; and All the World's a Stage on September 29th, 1976. Wow.

It's been over 2 weeks since it was announced that the release of Moving Pictures for the Rock Band video game would be delayed, and still no word from Harmonix. If you hear anything let me know.

Late last year I told you about a full orchestral jazz covers project that was in the works which would include a jazz version of Rush's Available Light. The project finally announced the release of their CD earlier this week:

Wave Mechanics Union is a recording project orchestra with nearly thirty contributing musicians from four states. The group has recently recorded repertoire from progressive and classic rock icons set in a big band jazz style. The new CD, Second Season, is due in late September, 2008. With a full-scale jazz orchestra and vocalist Lydia McAdams, the group has recorded striking new arrangements of songs from progressive rock giants Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, The Who, Queen, The Police, They Might Be Giants, The Beatles, and more.

The brainchild of composers Ryan Fraley and Ralph Johnson, along with vocalist McAdams, the project seeks to honor the sometimes complicated sounds of progressive rock with jazz treatments. "Most jazz standards began their life as popular music," says Fraley. "We believe that these songs are as worthy of restatement as any popular music has ever been. As clever, relevant, and moving as any tune that has delighted a jazz arranger's imagination."

A large cast of nearly thirty musicians assembled to record the project, including session players from Indianapolis, Nashville, and Los Angeles. "A lot of jazz musicians also happen to be fans of progressive rock," says Ralph Johnson, the group's drummer and one of the arrangers.

Available in late September 2008, Second Season will be found on,, iTunes, and the group's own website,

To learn more about the project and listen to samples from the CD visit the project website at this location. Thanks to Power Windows for the heads up.

Andrew Olson has added a page to his Neil Peart fansite dedicated to the Motostars: Celebrities and Motorcycles exhibit at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum which features Neil Peart's 1994 BMW R1100GS motorcycle and his R30 drum kit. Andy also let us know that there is now a companion book about the exhibit available to order online at this link.

I found this recent article where rock photographer Fin Costello is interviewed titled Through the camera eye. Fin relays an interesting story involving Rush.

Reader Melanie pointed me to this article which discusses the Greatest Concept Albums Adaptations of Classic Scifi Tales. Rush's 2112 is mentioned:

Rush - 2112 (1976): Although not technically a concept album, side one of Rush's 2112 is entirely composed of the titular suite, a seven-part homage to Ayn Rand's novella Anthem. Neil Peart reinterprets Rand's fable of technological rediscovery in a state-controlled society by arming his tragic hero with a guitar, a forgotten instrument that he uses to rebel against the strictures of his world.

Reader Duane located this interesting audio interview with legendary musician and founding member of Blue Oyster Cult (my second favorite band) Albert Bouchard. When asked about Neil Peart Al had this to say:

Neil is ok. I think I would put him in the category of like a Buddy Rich where he's very busy. Like Stewart Copeland from The Police does that same kind of thing but serves the song a little better in my opinion. It's like they [Geddy and Alex] have to work around Neil because he's so busy and elaborate. Which is fine. It's a great thing. I just listen to him and I think, "well I wouldn't do it like that". He's [Stewart] really busy but he always serves the song. I like that. He's a little more subservient. Neil Peart - the song has to serve him. It's alright though. It's alright with those guys [Geddy and Alex]. They're more than happy to play around Neil. ... [Rush are] really great, wonderful guys.

You can listen to the interview yourself at this link. The Rush bit occurs at about the 38-minute mark.

Here's an article from The Guardian which makes the argument that Cheeta the Chimp (of Tarzan fame) deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rush gets a mention towards the end. I guess they figure that if Rush can get a star, then certainly Cheeta deserves one. :) Thanks to Andy S for the heads up.

On that note, I bid you farewell. Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Neil!
8:09AM EST | link | comments (62) |

On this day back in 1952, our favorite drummer - Neil Ellwood Peart - was born in Hamilton, Ontario. Neil turns 56 today which makes him the old man of the band; Geddy and Alex are 55. Happy birthday Pratt! May you have many more.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebrate Rush Hashanah on VH1 Classic later this month
4:53PM EST | link | comments (40) |

UPDATE - 9/26@9:22AM: Here's the commercial promo that's been running on VH1 Classic (thanks Sean):

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 9/19@10:09PM: Here's the complete program schedule:

Monday 9/29

7-10pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
10-10:30pm: Hangin' With Rush
10:30pm-1:30am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
1:30-2:30am: Rush Videos
2:30-3am: Hangin' With Rush
3-6am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio

Tuesday 9/30

6-7am: Rush Videos
7-10am: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30
10-11am: Rush Videos
11-11:30am: Hangin' With Rush
11:30-2:30pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, Rush in Rio
2:30-3:30pm: Rush Videos
3:30-4pm: Hangin' With Rush
4-7pm: VH1 Classic in Concert- Rush, R30

----- snip -----

VH1 Classic will be airing a special in celebration of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah this upcoming Monday, September 29th called Rush Hashanah. From the press release:


From sunset to sunrise on Monday, September 29 rock band Rush will celebrate the Jewish New Year, during "Rush Hashanah" on VH1 Classic. The 24-hour tribute to Rush will include two of the band's concerts including "Rush in Rio" and "R30" as well as past and present videos from band.

Cool. Thanks to kjosef for the heads up. :)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rush-themed photography exhibit
10:15AM EST | link | comments (61) |

UPDATE - 9/20@9:59AM: I included the promo poster at the bottom of the post.

Photographer and Rush fan John Kane will be exhibiting a collection of his Rush concert photographs at the Front Street Coffee House in Salem, MA on Saturday, November 8th. The exhibit - tentatively titled Workin' Them Angels: Rush through the Camera Eye - will consist of photographs from the three Greater Boston area shows on the Snakes & Arrows tour. While none of the Rush photographs will be for sale, there will be other non-Rush photos available for purchase. Donna Halper (the woman credited with discovering Rush) is supposed to drop by and speak for a bit. There also will be an after party later that evening across the street at the Dodge Street Bar and Grill where Rush cover band Lotus Land will be playing. To RSVP to the event please email To find out more about John you can check out this article and this article, and also look at some of his photos online at Flickr.


Monday, September 8, 2008

New black-and-white tour photos at
11:02AM EST | link | comments (124) |

There's a new gallery of photos up at in the Multimedia: Rush on the Road section. The gallery is titled Monochromes and contains a conglomeration of black-and-white photos from the tour (looks like they are all from the same show) taken by Rush's tour photographer extraordinaire John Arrowsmith. Thanks to John himself for giving me the heads up.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Updates and other random Rush stuff
10:26AM EST | link | comments (82) |

Ok. I think this past week takes the prize for the absolute slowest week in Rush news in a very long time. I guess it's not too unusual considering the band is still resting up from the tour and we had a holiday weekend. But I can't remember the last time things were this quiet. The only thing of any significance that I had to report was the posting of a video at featuring the hazing of a crew member in a chicken suit. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel! :)

That said, there still a few random Rush tidbits to keep us entertained for a couple days thanks to the many RIAB readers who sent me links and other info.

Reader Lynn-2112 met a guy in Vegas who collects motorcycles and - like our favorite drummer - rides BMW bikes. He claimed that Neil Peart just purchased a brand new 1200 GS Adventure BMW motorcycle. My guess is it's red. :)

Over the Labor Day weekend several radio stations conducted various countdowns of one sort or the other. One such station was Q104 in New York City who counted down the top 104 albums as voted on by listeners. Rush's Permanent Waves came in at #71 and Moving Pictures was #15. Thanks to Lizzie for the heads up.

The UK's premier digital radio station Planet Rock recently revealed the results of their public vote on the 250 Greatets Rock Riffs of All Time. 4 Rush songs made the cut; The Spirit of Radio at #33, Limelght at #92, Working Man at #104 and YYZ at #135. You can view the full results at this location. Thanks to Distant Early Warning for the heads up.

VH1 Classic had a Totally 80's Weekend over the Labor Day holiday. They played videos from the 80's alphabetically by artist. When they got to the R's they played 3 Rush videos; Distant Early Warning, Limelight, and Tom Sawyer. Thanks to terri for the heads up.

Reader jfpt4e let me know that NBC10 out of the greater Philadelphia area recently featured a slide show on their website titled Forgotten by the Rock Hall of Fame. Rush is of course one of the 21 artists featured.

From the Rush Road Sign department comes a couple photos that reader damon h took on his tornado-chasing trip (yikes!) to Rush County, Kansas this past May. Here's Rush Center and the Rush County Line.

Reader ashpkt pointed me to yet another poll at the Greatest of All Time Blog which features Rush. In this poll Rush's Exit ... Stage Left is up for Greatest Live Album. So go vote for Rush!!

And I'm sure many of you were aware that Google unveiled their new browser Chrome this past week. Reader Ted located this video of the event. If you listen closely to the background music around the 4-minute mark or so when they are interviewing Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, you can hear some vintage Rush playing. :)

Unfortunately that's all I have for you this week. Hopefully things will pick up in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New video at Happy Birthday Chicken Boy
8:59PM EST | link | comments (168) |

Happy Birthday Chicken BoyThere's a new video up at in the Multimedia: Rush Video section titled Happy Birthday Chicken Boy. It's a video from the Pittsburgh show of one of the crew (I think it's Anson the PA Technician) going out during The Spirit of Radio in the chicken suit to baste the chickens. Apparently it's his birthday so Praetorian (Michael Mosbach) and his security crew play a little prank on the unsuspecting crew member after the chickens are fully basted. Hilarity ensues. Thanks to Rush-O-Matic at Counterparts for the heads up.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Working Man open thread
10:27AM EST | link | comments (77) |

All's quiet on the Rush-ian front on this Labor Day holiday here in the US, so I thought I'd open up a thread for random discussions. Happy Labor Day to all you Working Men and Working Women in the US. I'd also like to send thoughts and prayers out to those in the southern US affected by Hurricane Gustav. Here's Working Man from R30:





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