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Monday, October 31, 2005

What else do readers of Neil Peart read?
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[Literature-Map: Neil Peart]

This is a really cool site. It uses an AI engine and data from Amazon to create a "map" displaying relationships between readers of different authors. This map is Neil Peart's. Not surprisingly you'll find Isaac Asimov, J. R. R. Tolkien, Ernest Hemingway and many others on Neil's map. Very cool app.


Terry Brown to work with Tiles
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[TILES: Original Drummer Rejoins The Fold]

Blabbermouth reports that former Rush producer Terry Brown will be entering the studio with Detroit-based progressive/melodic rock band Tiles in 2006:

... TILES are currently arranging material for their fifth CD and plan to enter the studio in early 2006 with producer Terry Brown.

TILES' fourth album, "Window Dressing", was released in 2004 on InsideOut Music worldwide and was produced by Brown, who is noted for his success with RUSH, CUTTING CREW, FATES WARNING, VOIVOD and ALANNAH MYLES. ...

I listened to a few of tunes on their website - not bad. Definitely worth checking out if you're a Rush fan.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Time Stand Still
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[Season never hit stride, but somehow sped past]

Gere Goble of the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum discusses the changing seasons in her latest opinion column, invoking the words of the Professor, Neil Peart.

... We all have our own philosophers and poets; those sages whose words manage to crystallize our thoughts.

When I was in high school, my favorite philosopher was a rock'n'roll drummer and lyricist named Neil Peart. Rush's drummer is still among my favorites, and one of his lyrics haunts me at this time of year: Time stand still; I'm not looking back but I want to look around me now.

Autumn has always spurred me to introspection; the passing years have done nothing to alleviate that condition.

Time will never stand still, unfortunately. I guess I'd better not, either. Time flies and too soon snow will, too.

Sorry to remind you about that.

Funny - those lyrics were also going through my head this morning as I was playing outside in the crisp fall weather with my son.

What Annoys Claudio Sanchez?
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Claudio Sanchez[Claudio Sanchez: The singer for Coheed and Cambria on Zep, Madonna and the Star Wars theme]

... Geddy Lee's voice! Well- at least that's what he said in a recent Rolling Stone interview. I don't think he really meant it though; he's just sick of people comparing him to Geddy Lee. Here's the interview snippet:

Whose voice annoys you?

My own! No, I'm kidding. Maybe Geddy Lee [of Rush], because I get compared to him so often.

I've really got to get Coheed and Cambria's latest album - it seems like every other day I'm reading something positive about it... not to mention all the Rush comparsions.


Friday, October 28, 2005

It's Back!
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[Rush "What do you want to hear live?" Petition]

Yes. The Rush Petition is back up and running; new and improved. The band has been known to reference this site in the past when deciding what songs to include on their setlist. I'm not sure how much influence it really has though. The top three last time were The Camera Eye, Jacob's Ladder and Lakeside Park; and they didn't play any of those. Irregardless, it's fun to fill out. Personally, I'd like them to do the entire Fountain of Lamneth (a severely underrated song in my opinion) but the chances of that are probably slim to none. They're doing things a little differently this time too. From the site:

The goal this time around is to encourage the band to put together a set list that touches on the entire catalog in some way. It works like this - each person gets to select ONE song from each album (though you don't HAVE to cast a vote for each album in order to participate). Each individual is allowed to vote once. The final results will be submitted to Anthem/SRO, and we presume the band will probably take a look again (they've supposedly enjoyed the fan interaction via this site in the past).

The usual disclaimer: "'Petition' is probably too strong a word here, as we are not trying to 'demand' anything, and certainly no disrepect is intended. 'Request list' would perhaps be a better way to put this..." This is meant in a spirit of good fun.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Next Neil Peart?
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[Tom Sawyer]

Continuing my mission to bring you every little thing even remotely Rush-related that I can find on the net... here's some video of some dude playing along to Tom Sawyer on the drums. The next Neil Peart?

Wannabe Geddy Lee?
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[RUSH cover band needs male/female Singer]

Can you sing like Geddy Lee? This San Francisco Rush cover band needs a lead singer. If you're not interested/able you can still watch a video(BIG qt file) of one of their gigs. Something to tide you over 'til Rush goes on tour next year. :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Broon's Bane Bass
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[Broon's Bane for Four String Electric Bass]

Here's a video I found on google video search of some dude (Joshua Heckathorn) performing a version of Alex Lifeson's Broon's Bane (from Exit Stage Left) on the 4-string electric bass. Neat. Gotta love google video search.

Peaceful Mountain
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[D.C. panda gets a name]

This happened last week, but I just got wind of it. The Washington D.C. Zoo finally decided to name its Panda Tai Shan after the famous Chinese mountain. Tai Shan means Peaceful Mountain; an apt name for a Panda and also a Rush song off the album Hold Your Fire. The song was inspired by Neil Peart's trip to the summit of this holiest of holy mountains in China. This also happens to be my personal favorite song on the album:

High on the sacred mountain
Up the seven thousand stairs
In the golden light of autumn
There was magic in the air

Clouds surrounded the summit
The wind blew strong and cold
Among the silent temples
And the writing carved in gold
Somewhere in my instincts
The primitive took hold...

I stood at the top of the mountain
And China sang to me
In the peaceful haze of harvest time
A song of eternity-

If you raise your hands to heaven
You will live a hundred years
I stood there like a mystic
Lost in the atmosphere

The clouds were suddenly parted
For a moment I could see
The patterns of the landscape
Reaching to the eastern sea
I looked upon a presence
Spanning forty centuries...

I thought of time and distance
The hardships of history
I heard the hope and the hunger
When China sang to me...


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Rush Comparison
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[WINTERSTRAIN Sign With Z RECORDS - Oct. 22, 2005]

Yet another band compared to Rush, Blabbermouth reports:

Z Records has announced the signing of the Norwegian melodic hard rock band WINTERSTRAIN. According to a press release, the group have "a unique sound, as different inspirations color their music. People might find traces of RUSH, MARILLION, RAINBOW, SHADOW GALLERY, MAGNUM and JOURNEY, not to mention a cocktail of obscure bands of almost any genre. WINTERSTRAIN have their focus on MELODY and LYRICS, something that makes for great SONGS. Their level of talent makes the music even more interesting. To blow the songs wide open, they called up Tony Mills of SHY and SIAM fame, and had him do the backing vocals on the album. They chose him based on his singing in SIAM."

WINTERSTAIN's new album, "Return to the Mirror", is scheduled for release on November 17.

The last band I heard compared to Rush was The Mars Volta and I was not disappointed. I may have to check them out.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Tom Sawyer: 408
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[The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born: 401-450]

Rush's Tom Sawyer made Blender magazine's list of the The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born. I know this is really exciting news (said with dripping sarcasm). They came in at number 408. Here's what they say about it:

A rousing salute to independent spirits and drum fills longer than most songs.

It should have been #1. :)

Bubba's Book Club
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[Neil's Picks for Quality Reading, Issue #3]

Check out this section of Neil Peart's site for insight into what he's reading. He seems to have done a bit of updating on his site this month. Cool. For a while there I thought that his site might become one of those sites that never get updated; that it was more his friends' (Greg and Mike) idea than his. But it really looks like he plans on keeping the thing updated. Even if it's only once every couple months, I'll be happy. Now all we need to do is get Geddy and Alex to put up a site.

Neil's News
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[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS - October, 2005]

Neil Peart has updated his site with the latest "news, sports and weather". Here's the News:

My instructional video on drum soloing, Anatomy of a Drum Solo, is almost a reality. Or, it will be October 14th, our deadline to hand in the editing and artwork. Or it will be November 1st, the projected release date.

Too many elements of it are still in the "changeable" stage for me to say too much more about it, but I can say that I'm very excited with how it's coming together. Paul Siegel and Rob Wallis, from Hudson Music, have been great collaborators once again, as they were with A Work in Progress, and I've also had the support and expertise of my other long-time collaborators, engineer Paul Northfield, photographer Andrew MacNaughtan, and art designer Hugh Syme.

So it's all going "my way," and I'm glad about that.

This makes me want to learn how to play drums... maybe someday. :)

The band's "R30" concert DVD is also approaching its release date - in fact, the same deadline of October 14th, the same release date of November 1st, and the same art director. So we've been keeping Hugh busy. And it's not just dreaming up a nice front cover that takes so much time and effort; there are all the little details involved in a complete package: slipcover front, spine, and back, front cover, spine, back cover, undertray, lettering, booklet, disc label, booklet, credits, photos - it's a big job, especially doing two at once.

My book about the R30 Tour, Roadshow: A Concert Tour By Motorcycle (shortened by one subtitle this week - leaving out Landscape With Drums), is all ready for its final revision, just as soon as I get all this video stuff off my desk. I have collected a pile of input from my editors Paul McCarthy and brother Danny, plus a select few readers, and for now, it's kind of nice to let it sit and "cool off" until I'm ready to attack it single-mindedly.

I can't wait. Neil's books just keep getting better and better.

R30 Teaser
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[R30 Overture video sample]

Here's a little teaser snippet of "Overture" from the R30 DVD. Looks great.

UPDATE (10/24@12PM): The link doesn't seem to work any longer.

UPDATE (10/25@12PM): It works now!

R30 Details
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R30[Rush DVD Details]

This is "old news" now but I need to play a little catch up as I ramp up the site. Here are the R30 details from The special features disc is what's really getting me pumped up for this; tons of old Rush footage and rarities. Here're the details:

DVD Disc 2 - Special Features:
This disc includes bonus features including the following RUSH rarities:


Fly By Night - Church Session Video (1975)
Finding My Way mpeg1 from Rock Concert
In The Mood mpeg1 from Rock Concert
La Villa Strangiato
A Farewell to Kings - Seneca College Theatre (1977)
Xanadu - Seneca College Theatre (1977)
Soundcheck: Various Songs - Ivor Wynne Stadium (1977)
Freewill - Toronto Rocks / Rolling Stones Concert (2003)
Closer to the Heart - Canadian Tsunami Disaster Fund charity telethon performance on CBC television (2005)

Interview Footage - Interview with Rush at Ivor Wynne Stadium (1979)"A Farewell to Kings Tour"
Interview Footage (1981) - Studio interview at Le Studio, Montreal while recording the album Signals (released 1982)
Interview Footage (1990) Artist of the Decade (1980s) featuring all 3 members
Interview for release of the album Vapor Trails (2004)
CBC Television: Juno Award news report - RUSH induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1994)

Only a few weeks left.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

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Hi. If you don't know me already my name is Ed. I'm an avid blogger and have had my own personal blog since 2002. I'm also a big Rush fan (obviously) and have been visiting Rush sites online since back in the days of The National Midnight Star. There are literally 100s of Rush sites out there. But since I started blogging I noticed that strangely enough very few of these are blogs. There are a lot of Rush forums and message boards; but I'm not a big fan of the forum format so I avoid these. There are also dozens of "tribute" sites where fans profess their love of the band surrounded by spinny Rush logos and links to other Rush sites. These are nice and all but the content seldom changes and most don't seem to have any purpose besides being Rush "shrines". Probably the sites I visit most are the Rush content-oriented sites; the sites that have all sorts of neat Rush content - FAQs, images, screensavers, video, etc. Of these sites Power Windows is probably the best and one of my personal favorites - I visit it regularly. One of the things I like best about it is that it has regularly updated Rush news. However, it's not presented in a blog format; so I can't comment on any of the news, share links or have a discussion with fellow fans; nor can I share links to the news item or view a news archive. Despite this, it's still a great site and has all sorts of cool content. What I really wanted to see was a regularly updated Rush blog whose primary focus was disseminating all the latest Rush news and tidbits and which allowed me to read and share comments with other Rush fans. I looked, but I couldn't really find anything. That's when I decided to just start my own. My personal blog has sort of been a Rush blog at times anyways. So I decided to create a "spin-off" of my blog that was solely dedicated to Rush content. I had 3 years worth of posts to work from and I copied them all over to my new blog as a starting point. So although this site looks as if it has archives dating back to 2002, this is the "official" first post. All I needed was a name. Over my last few years of searching for Rush stuff online I found that the keyword "rush" was often insufficient to find what I was looking for. For one thing, it's a common everyday word; it also happens to be the name of a certain popular (to some deluded souls at least) right-wing radio talk-show host. But "Rush is a band!" my mind screamed. I won't claim coming up with this phrase myself although I can't remember where I first saw it - maybe a bumper sticker (there is a guy that sells these bumper stickers and, yes, I now own one). Here was the perfect name for my blog. I grabbed the domain and here I am. Welcome to Enjoy and please leave some "feedback" (pun intended).





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